Long before The Donna Summer Show, it was “Donna Summer.” Neil Bogart, founder of Casablanca Records, was determined to make her a superstar. Remember the success of the summer, I love to love you? as a new movie gold yarn Spinning it, Bogart suggested the disco queen stretch out on the floor and evoke the pleasures of breathing, well, how it feels to “love to love.” How much of it, and other bits of music history, is a very hard truth left for the audience to decide on seeing it gold yarn.

The film is a tribute to the director, writer and producer Tim BogartHer father and a dreamy origin story for Casablanca Records, which became the most successful independent record label of the 1970s after a rocky start a decade earlier. finds the movie Jeremy Jordan (Superhero, the past five years) Transforming into Casablanca’s Perfect Leader, Neil Bogart. A strong group of talent joins Jordan on this journey: Saturday Night Live I Blame Guy Pharaoh, Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible), Michael Ian Black (Renault 911!: It’s a great steal), Peyton list (Bunk’d), Sebastian Maniscalco (About my father), and a large number of today’s passionate music stars. Cue catchy songs and musical numbers.

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finally, gold yarn It is said in very broad strokes. You’d feel that this would be even more amazing if it arrived as a flowing series of eight compelling episodes in context Chippendales But cleverly minx. Tim Bogart’s enthusiasm shines through throughout—maybe his father’s spirit (take that however you will) too. Jeremy Jordan and Tim Bogart share more about the movie with MovieWeb.

Tim Bogart on honoring his father’s legacy

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As told by Tim Bogart gold yarn His father was “completely broke” most of the time. But rather than give in, the man borrowed from the mob and, Bogart added, “literally gambled in Vegas with house chips to get on the payroll.” But Neil Bogart had a rare gift, like gold yarn Hope to shed light. He saw where music and culture were headed in the next decade. The main thing he needed was time for everyone and everything around him to catch up for him Vision.

“The history my father created during that extraordinary period became the soundtrack to our lives,” Bogart noted in the production notes. He went on to tell MovieWeb that the best life advice his dad gave him is the same message you find in the movie. “This guy dreams pretty big,” Bogart explained. “He embraced every moment of every morsel he could of life. And while he left us way too early, that was the message: Don’t waste any of it. And I definitely tried to live up to that.”

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Not surprisingly, given the topics — Neil Bogart, music, communication — gold yarn It’s a family affair. Executive music producer Evan Bogart, one of Neil’s sons, serves as one of the producers here. Evan is also a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, having worked with Queen of Music Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, Rihanna, and Lizzo. Meanwhile, Brad Bogart is also serving as a Producer. He said he wanted to “draw out the hidden history of the days of Casablanca” when the mixture of high emotions, creativity, sex and drugs was a staple of the culture.

To honor his father’s legacy, Tim Bogart has brought a host of impressive musical talents to the… gold yarn. He has been cast by Grammy and Golden Globe nominee Wiz Khalifa as George Clinton, multiple Grammy Award winner Ledisi as Gladys Knight, Jason Derulo as Ron Eisley, Pink Sweet Dollar as Bill Withers, and Grammy Award nominee Tyla Parks as Donna. Legendary Samar. The members of KISS are played by musicians/actors Sam Harris (as Paul Stanley), Casey Lake (as Gene Simmons) and Alex Gaskarth (as Peter Criss).

Jeremy Jordan’s role in a lifetime

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Was it scary to step into the shoes of the President of Casablanca? Jeremy Jordan says it wasn’t “daunting at all.” He takes credit for the welcoming filmmaking environment. “It all started with Tim,” Jordan added. “It was really encouraging me to find my own path in this character, as opposed to, you know, reproducing, something that can never be reproduced. Because there’s so little the world knows about Neil Bogart, and he’s been dead for so long.”

Bogart and his team of young music fans have certainly taken Casablanca Records to great heights. They gave their competitors something new to look at. Casablanca also changed the ways music was produced, forever influencing the music industry thereafter. The combination of “creative madness”, loyalty, and the music the team was making eventually defined a new generation.

“I was kind of lucky, because all I really had to do was focus on maintaining the core of this character, and everything else would kind of fall into place — if I trusted my instincts and followed Tim’s instincts,” Jordan noted. “We created it together.”

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Jordan is no stranger to music, of course. Fans probably loved it supergirl, But Jordan is known for his amazing pieces of music. He has starred before the past five years A deep and revealing look at relationships. He also turned heads Disney News: Broadway Musical! He has been a vocal staple as well, performing songs for shows such as smash supergirl, And the light, In addition to countless other theatrical productions.

“I felt really blessed and fortunate to have support in such a great way gold yarn Jordan co. “Because you get into this stuff and you think, like, ‘Uh, man, I’m going to screw something up,’ or it’s like, ‘Wow, can you maybe not do it like that! And I never felt that way. It gave me the freedom to create from within.”

The perfect time to spin gold?

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Music business and stories about the music industry have become a tasty creative flavor over the past few years, from A star is born And bohemian rhapsody Biography of Whitney Houston I wanna Dance With Somebody, strangeAnd Elvis. TV series Here at the top It is the latest musical endeavour Grease: The Rise of the Pink Ladies. From Paramount+, it drops in early April. Jordan and Bogart are candid about why this feels like the timing is right gold yarn to hit theatres.

Bogart noted, “I think the core of this movie is about the power and importance of dreaming.” And in any decade, in any year, that’s an important message. I definitely think the world needs that more than ever today. I think people have lost the sense of having a little bit of their own power. For a lot of us, this movie is about celebrating that in big ways. And small.

Jordan agreed, adding, “I think any time we can start to find the truth behind something and pick up the history is a good thing. Especially stories that might otherwise have been lost — so, of course, this would be a great time to do that. Music is cyclical.” I said That’s a lot – people are always dying and dying to rediscover music. I can’t wait for people to rediscover our interpretations of all these great songs. And that’s good.”

Very good actually. Definitely not the “last dance” yet.

gold yarn Opens in theaters March 31.


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