the Jennifer Lopezaction movie starring, the mom, bested all other 2023 releases in its opening weekend. In just 28 days, it has racked up 229.3 million hours of watch time, earning its place on the list of Netflix’s most popular English-language films.

the mom It became instantly popular on Netflix right after its premiere. Since its debut, the film has topped the Netflix weekly chart. It caused quite a turnaround in the Netflix Top 10 list, leading to De Niro’s epic 3-hour gangster flick, irishin the process as reported by Screen Rant.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, managing only a modest 43% rating on the movie review aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes. However, the film’s appeal among Netflix subscribers didn’t reflect its lackluster rating. The accessibility of the film’s plot, coupled with exciting action sequences and Lopez’s indisputable star power, ensured that the film would run successfully on the streaming platform.

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Nothing beats a mother’s love as Jennifer Lopez has shown


the mom It sees Jennifer Lopez playing an unknown killer who emerges from seclusion to protect her daughter, whom she left earlier in her life. The film takes place mainly in the United States, somewhere in remote Alaska and in some parts in Cuba. The wheel of events begins to turn when Lopez’s character, the mother, is alerted that people, with whom she has had bad dealings in the past, know about her daughter.

Much of the film’s success can be attributed to New Zealand native, Nikki Caro. She is widely known for crimping blockbusters with strong female-led narratives, such as whale riderAnd North country And Zookeeper’s wife. Karo’s steering knack shines through inside the momwith Lopez delivering a convincing performance as a mother who fiercely protects her child from a legion of trained killers.

The effective combination of Caro’s creativity and Lopez’s portrayal of the character brought the tough, maternal side to life in the women’s real-life story. The director’s direction made the film feel human, instead of going for the usual hyper-sexualized character of a female assassin. The movie depicts how a mother would do anything for her child.

Jennifer Lopez’s acting became the centerpiece of the movie, bringing everything together. She succeeds in her mission to bring justice to the hero of the film. Lopez’s on-screen charisma is evident throughout the film, no matter where the scene is shot.

The movie was officially announced by Netflix in 2021. Production on the movie started after only a few months. Netflix has set a May 2023 release date for it. The schedule took into account possible hurdles and hurdles shooting the film might encounter, which it did in the form of COVID-19 and a variety of other variables.

The remarkable success of the film spurred talk of turning it into a franchise. There is ambiguity about a possible sequel centering on Zoe, the daughter character, interestingly referred to as the daughter by Lopez. Although there has been no official announcement, the film’s impressive performance numbers point to the possibility of the next big Netflix series being born.


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