Maneuvering through Hollywood as a female role in her own right. Just like a young girl who struggles with the nuances of judgment, the women they seek go through the same hurdle. Although one might assume that the famous and rich female is unstoppable, especially Jennifer LawrenceAnd Who plays the brave Katniss Everdeen in hunger GamesComments about a person’s appearance inevitably make their way through the mind and hang over any remaining doubt.

As an Academy Award-winning actress for her role in silver linings playbookLawrence has had her fair share of time in the spotlight. She is one of the most highly regarded actresses in the industry, having grossed over $6 billion from leading roles in the X-Men franchise as well as movies like American extortion And red sparrow. It was named as one of the the time 100 most influential people in the world mentioned in Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

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Her work in cinema is exceptional, and she continues to imbue her diversity in genres, like her new film No hard feelings Lawrence shows off a distinctly mature role, separate from her popular leads as a shape-shifting mutant expert and hunting connoisseur.

Lawrence criticized her image early in his career

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Despite being a dominant force, Lawrence has had the unfortunate event of body image distortion. Having been told that her body is “normal,” Lawrence strongly disagrees with this statement, saying that she has gotten to the point where if you are underweight, even the slightest weight gain can change a person’s opinion of you. Lawrence notes that she only does pilates and eats well, and is never looking to change her body for a role or anyone but herself, if she so desires.

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She was also told early on in her career that if she was overweight and couldn’t lose weight, she wouldn’t book any roles. Then she insisted that she be careful while rehearsing for her role in hunger Games Because she doesn’t want to send the wrong message that you have to starve yourself in order to succeed. She states that if anyone mentions the word “diet,” they can go on her fun way, as she’s been on a zigzag road to dieting and doesn’t think it’s healthy to limit hunger.

Lawrence also notes that she doesn’t act to make people happy, she does it because it makes them happy, so how she maintains her personality shouldn’t be a factor in her being a fan. Speaking about her stance on her career and her criticisms of body image, Lawrence said, “The world has a certain idea — we see this airbrushed perfect image… You just have to look beyond it. You look what you look like. And be comfortable. Like, what Are you going to starve every day to make others happy? It’s just stupid.”

Lawrence launched the Empowerment Foundation

Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
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Not only is Lawrence into body positivity, but she also takes matters into her own hands. In 2015, she founded the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, which champions Boys & Girls Clubs and Special Olympics across America. The Lawrence Foundation seeks to empower the youth of our generation, and aims to help children and adolescents succeed in their education and claim brighter futures for themselves both financially and morally.

Both actresses face shame within the industry

Melissa McCarthy as Megan Price
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Not only is Lawrence known for her body positive leadership, but actresses like Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson have also expressed their experience with image control while auditioning for a role. When McCarthy first entered the industry for her role in bridesmaidsSeveral times, awkwardly, a reporter asked her if she was comfortable being “ugly” and why. McCarthy recalls feeling blushing and dumbfounded, as she would never have imagined being criticized for her looks rather than her talent.

A statement from McCarthy about the differences between women and men in the industry also reflects what many believe, “It happens all the time, so cool that they don’t do it to men.” Continuing, “don’t ‘be stupid’ or limit it, but when John Goodman went heavier, did anyone talk about his girth?” Although a valuable point is made, the inequality of standards in the film industry regarding size is an unending battle.

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Rebel Wilson has also experienced body shaming while filming movies like Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, And hustle She was praised by her executive team for being the “funny fat girl”. Although Wilson has wanted to lose weight along the path of her career, she has recently been hit with backlash, as her over-the-top look has been raking in millions of dollars. This led to Wilson having feelings that led to her thinking, well, what about her career and why her body? She said the following.

“Is this what a woman has to do in the world, lose weight to get attention? It’s cool, why are people so obsessed with it? Like, with women in particular about their looks? I know what it’s like to be a woman who’s basically invisible to most people.” Because it’s not traditionally seen as beautiful or anything. It’s crazy trying to reconcile that. It better be the more correct version.”

Actresses supporting another

Natalie Dormer and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games Mockingjay - Part 2

While it’s a shame that so many women in film face harsh criticism not only from fans, but their colleagues, it’s amazing how females in the industry come together to lift each other up. From the outside, it may seem easy to bring happiness to millions of people, but fans rarely think about the behind-the-scenes make-up of the actors’ lives. Even more famous actresses like Jennifer Lawrence are subject to backlash for being as perfect as someone would like them to be, despite being the slick, fun person you’re paying for. However, the best part of the conversation about body image is that there are people who support the females in film no matter what they look like, and for that we’re grateful.


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