The Walking Dead: Dead City He delivered a few things that were missing from the main walking dead universe, making the show the same much-needed bit of fresh — or musty — air for the franchise. One of those things is giving Jeffrey Dean Morgan The chance to return to Negan’s more brutal side in his fight for survival in the dangerous new world of New York. However, Negan’s latest murder took the actor by surprise when he turned to kitchen utensils for one graphic scene.

the walking Dead It rarely pulls any punches with its fury, and Negan became one of the most hated characters on TV when he bashed Glenn and Abraham in the season 7 opener. While the episode drew many complaints due to its graphic scenes, the brutality was to be expected by those. who’ve read Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, and now it looks like Negan is back to his brutal best. Negan’s final kill involved the use of a cheese grater – the second time the item has been used as a blood weapon after being used in evil dead rise — Morgan explained that the whole thing took him by surprise. He told Entertainment Weekly:

“The squeak killed me. I was like, ‘Really?'” Shall I get it with a facial grater? But this is a 6-foot-6 guy with 200 pounds of muscle. You know, Negan isn’t that guy. That survival instinct starts with, “What can I use to fight back?” I happen to have a cheese grater on hand, and that turns him away. There’s that whole dance that happens before the cheese grater where I’m trying to fumble around. You don’t have to go here.”

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Neagan remains a fan favorite, despite his villainous origins.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan became an instant highlight the walking DeadAnd every scene he was involved in made the show worth watching. For that reason alone, it seems dead sety been on a winner from the start. When it comes to character development, though it may seem that this latest episode has seen him back down on his bad side, Morgan doesn’t think it’s that simple.

“I think he came a long way in the original show. But I think there’s a problem when we find him in Dead City. He hasn’t been part of the group now for two years, and he’s come back a bit in some ways because he’s a survivor. And he’s more of a survivor than anything else.”

dead zone The universe continues to expand the walking Dead, with Negan and Maggie trying to save the latter’s son, Hershel, from the Croats, who are connected to Negan’s past. Focusing solely on two popular characters from the main series, it seems, was the kind of start the franchise was looking for, and it will continue to try to keep up the momentum. Daryl Dixon later this year.


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