At one point, the Five nights at Freddy’s The movie really looked like it wouldn’t find its way out of development hell. After the original video game was a massive hit upon its release in 2014, efforts to get a feature film adaptation off the ground were reported as far back as 2015. From there, the project failed to make any real traction. the next several years, by rewriting the script. at one point, Gremlins Director Chris Columbus was on board to direct the movie, but he dropped out of the project by 2021.

In the end, the stars would align, and the project finally began filming earlier this year. The final script used comes from game creator Scott Cawthon along with director Emma Tammy and Seth Kodback. Bloom House Jason Blum is executive producing alongside Cawthon and Russell Bender. the Five nights at Freddy’s The film also recruited a strong cast to help bring the video game story to life, including Josh Hutcherson as the hero and Matthew Lillard as the villain.

In a new interview with IGN, Jason Blum talks about the lengthy production process for Five nights at Freddy’s. He can remember when people would make fun of him for pursuing the project after it had already endured so many problems, but in his view, Bloom only saw that as motivation to make it work. This led to several years of not giving up on the movie, and eventually it was over, according to the producer. As Bloom said:

“I really like a challenge. Scott [Cawthon] I’ve been working on it as a movie with a studio for a while and it just didn’t work out, that’s many years ago. Everyone said we could never get the movie done, including, by the way, an intern at my company. I scoffed at going after this, this thing that could never happen, that always lights a fire under me to say, “I bet I can do this.” “

Bloom then thought about how long it took to make that movie along with how much he connected to Cawthon over that time.

It has been many years of development. I had grown to know Scott well during that time, and had become very fond of him. I think he’s a really special person, a really creative person, maybe more creative than he gives himself credit for in some ways, I would say. And we had to find the structure that would work in order to make this movie together.”

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is finally coming to theaters

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It may have taken a while, but Blum doesn’t seem to regret taking a second of that time. He comments on how proud he is of the end result, and is clearly eager for fans to see what he and Cawthon came up with for the long-awaited film adaptation of the hit video game.

“We finally found her and finally made the movie. And as you can hear from my voice, I’m incredibly proud of the movie we made together.”

Five nights at Freddy’s It will premiere in cinemas on October 27, 2023.


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