bob burger It was a classic from day one. In many ways, the show is ahead of its time while also serving as a modern example of feminism and feminism. Other comedy cartoons such as The Simpsons or big mouth Evolve with the times or try to undo the damage done in the past by reworking or hiring new writers. Until now bob burger Don’t face these issues. The creators and writers made considered decisions when making their characters and the arcs they had on the show. Bob and Linda, for example, are very stable personalities while their children sometimes give them a boost to grow.

While Tina and Louise push the social boundaries of what it means to be a girl, so is he Jane Belcher Who is more confident in himself and how he sees people with wombs. He is as creative as his father. He loves making music and even starts a girl group, called Girl Group, with three girls from school. But it is his love and admiration for his mother and sisters that give him a solid foundation as a feminist icon.

Born to be a mother

Television shows often depict unhealthy mother-son relationships. Whether it’s a mom who’s overprotective and concerned about her son’s love life, or a mom who doesn’t think twice about her son’s happiness, toxic mother-son relationships tend to outpace healthy mother-son relationships on TV. So simple that it ranks the best and worst on screen moms.

However, Linda Belcher (John Roberts) is a lovable TV mom. Her confidence is a common thread with her three children. Gene’s confidence is shown in everything he does, like his mother. When the fourth graders are in charge of a sack of flour to test if they will make good parents, Gene announces that he was born to be a mother (Season 3, Episode 15). His declaration is only one reason why he’s such an icon: He knows he’s full of love and trust, something many moms have the ability to show and nurture in their children.

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Jin admires his mother for her relentless confidence and pursuit of life. His worship of his mother translates into his relationship with his sisters and friends at school. Although his age can be a factor, Jin isn’t afraid to confess his love to his mom. He is also not embarrassed to be seen with her. They even have a special weekly mother-son adventure where they go to a local bakery and try their free samples.

“Say that to my vagina!”

Eugene Merman, Kristen Schaal, Dan Mintz, Bill Hader and John Roberts at Bob's Burgers
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After Bob and Linda kick the kids out of the restaurant, they find a job on an herb farm, disguised as a vineyard. The children tell their parents that they have found jobs, as Gene announces that they are both working girls and when Bob denies that Jane is a girl to a confused Mickey (played by Bill Hader), a bank robber, Gene yells, “Say that my vagina!” (Season 3, Episode 3).

This advertisement is another reason why the gene is a symbol. He is not limited to others’ definitions of his sexual identity. Although Jin hasn’t officially come out as gender fluid, nor does he need to be, he has declared several times that he’s both physically and emotionally pro-female. In regards to how Gene feels about other women and gender non-conforming people, such as Marshmallow, he shows solidarity through unconditional love. He even prefers the company of women, as revealed when he sees Zeke and Jimmy Jr. making out on the beach (Season 2, Episode 1).

girls group

Kristen Schaal, Eugene Merman and Dan Mintz at Bob's Burgers
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Psychology Today lists five ways parents can encourage self-confidence in their children. For example, parents can deal with the interests of their children. In addition to children feeling more confident in themselves, parents who engage with their children’s interests build a stronger relationship with them. Sometimes, these interests may be due to watching their parents, or they can be discovered with their peers.

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in bob burgerLinda is the ultimate mom. She is ready to have fun, to make her family out of the fire, and loves to sing. In many ways, her zest for life is inspired by her children, but it is Jane who imitates his mother the most. He’s not afraid to sing or make music, even if it’s full of noise. When the kids decide to run a casino downstairs, Gene starts a singing group with three classmates called the Girl Group.

After one performance, the group disbanded, and he took on the role of a girl group wearing a purple sequined dress and long black wig. Gene also helps his sisters write musicals, such as the Thanksgiving-themed musical for Tina Twisted Türkiye, however They all started a band together. in Bob’s Burgers movieand Jane and his sisters and brothers, Fiskder, perform in the Wonder Wharf Band.

Glass ceiling, beware!

Eugene Merman at Bob's Burgers
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A lot of the cis men in Hollywood are pro-women and they are being praised. Despite the hate that pro-feminists receive from “alpha males,” the feminist movement actually needs everyone. From inclusivity to inclusiveness of Aboriginal and Black people, feminism makes room for anyone seeking fairness and equality, including the CIS.

According to Meek, men who support feminism are those who holistically change the way they talk about and treat women. This shift could change laws being introduced and enacted across the United States. Women and people who are gender fluid can live more securely than worrying about whether their bodies will be politicized or harmed. While Gene Belcher may be a teenager, his crush on women is more than self-declarations and making music with his sisters. It is a beacon of hope for all those who want to support women and gender flexible people.


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