The French Riviera has never been so attractive – or so full of sensuality and romance. From the sweet banter between the two leads to the series of puzzles that the characters find themselves in each week, dark horse Get ready for a great summer watch. Under the title Jimmy Bamber (counterattackAnd MarcellaAnd Battlestar Galactica), the well-known French actress Lucy Lucas (ClemAnd Porto and Gloria), and singer/actress Tamara Marthy (Profile personly), the six-part series debuts on Acorn TV, AMC Networks’ popular broadcaster, June 26.

dark horse He throws high and hits her marks. It might be described as a high concept detective series, but it goes in the right direction moon light To get involved in the relationship between two main characters – detective by writers Camille Delmas (Lucas) and dreamy international conman Harry King (Bamber). Brought together to solve crimes on the French Riviera, the couple’s will/not-relationship is further tested by Camille’s go-to gal Léa Robert (Marthe), and the great deal they struck to get Camille’s father released from corruption charges. It doesn’t help that he was the former chief of police. Drama and intrigue ensue.

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Jamie Bamber, who caught the eye and built a fanbase playing Captain Lee “Apollo” Adama Battlestar Galactica Nearly 20 years ago, we shared more about the series with MovieWeb.

Show with Joie de Vivre

Acorn TV

dark horse Created by Chris Murray (Average killAnd Agatha Raisin). Think of it as a kind of love letter to Cannes. The acting, drama, and action are all set on the Cote d’Azur, but it should be noted that this is the first English-language procedural drama to be produced and set on location since the 1970s.

“The show is fun, escapist, and everyone in the family can watch it,” said Jamie Bamber. “It’s definitely not the dark side of TV we’re used to or get all the accolades for. This is something you can relax with after a hard day’s work, pour yourself a glass of rose, sit on the sofa and pretend you’re in the south of France driving around in a teal van, solving crimes with This is a couple, we hope you fall in love with them.”

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So, yeah… sign up with us! The show sure does a good job of getting viewers hooked. It mixes mystery, comedy, and crime in the main love story. Even better is the extent to which the show uses Cannes as another character, giving viewers a deep dive into the lifestyle, the breathtaking scenery, and everything else that lies beyond the yachts and A-listers. It’s nice to see working-class characters here, too. Indeed, two worlds collide – the working class and the wealthy was secret, The show uses its main characters and their personalities to illuminate class and cultural differences.

Bamber added, “Camille and Harry seem to be repelling each other, and part of the attraction is playing with these elements.” “If you think of Grace Kelly, or Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall…you know that kind of sexual chemistry. That’s what really drew me to the show.”

Modern moonlight with a twist

Secret was with Jimmy Bamber
Acorn TV

Back in the ’80s, the show moon light which starred Cybill Shepherd and introduced the world to Bruce Willis, it ranked high in the ratings and had millions of people tuning in to ABC. dark horse It’s set to appeal to its own fan base in the age of populous streaming, but there’s a kind of urgency here that’s perfectly brought to life.

“The show reminded me of all the best Cary Grant and Roger Moore would-do moments,” Bamber explained. “And there was a little bit of it moon light I was thrown in the scripts I saw in the beginning, so it reminded me of this kind of feel-good TV from my early childhood. She’s done a lot of dark and dramatic things and played a lot of bad guys lately. And while Harry isn’t necessarily a good man, he does have a certain amount of mystery, charm, and mystery. And that’s what really drew me to the project. This, and the relationship between the local conditionals.”

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Bamber quickly added that he felt the show would give viewers an unprecedented look at Cannes, offering a side of the famous area they hadn’t seen before – from the casino and sights to the beautiful yachts in the harbour. “And there are the islands,” he said, “but there are also the hinterland. When you get away from the coast and get up the hill, you see where the maids live, and you see where the people who have to cater to this cosmopolitan elite live in Cannes. We hope you understand more about the place.” .

Bumper and the questionable future of Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica
NBC Universal

Meanwhile, Bamber expresses gratitude for his career. About 20 years ago, when a reimagined version of the ’70s came out Battlestar Galactica showed up, and Bamber and the show’s crew found themselves bathed in all the praise. Will he be ready for another version of the hit show?

Of what he and the rest of the cast have been through over the years, Bamber said, “It remains a gift that we keep discovering new benefits from the show,” because we are all in each other’s lives and working together again would be a dream come true. But, you know, you can’t assume that these dreams come true. I doubt it. But we at least have the show and the memories, as well as the interaction we’ve had over the years with the people we’ve fallen in love with Battlestar Galactica. So, I feel very fortunate to have been involved in it, and to still be engaged in the dialogue that surrounds it.”

Regardless, fans of his shows or crime shows in general will have it dark horse to devour. The first two episodes of dark horse Acorn TV, AMC Networks’ streaming device, hits June 26.


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