Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to any movie lover. The actor’s films are considered international classics, and although they were initially released several decades ago, they are still watched today. The actor, who stuck to the phrase “I’ll be back,” is back on screens for his first-ever TV series, playing CIA agent Luke Brunner on Netflix fubar.

Despite his many roles in films, including finisher franchise, predator And side effects, The actor had never taken a leading role in a TV series before fubar. Therefore, expectations for the new Netflix series have remained high.

series focusing on CIA missions and family relationships, fubar Perfect for the action comedy genre. Called in for one last mission just as he’s finally about to retire and get his “ship,” Brunner Schwarzenegger is sent back to a life of action.

The cast is joined by actors Monica Barbaro, Fabiana Audino, Milan Carter, Travis Van Winkle, Fortune Femster, Aparna Brill, and Gabriel Luna, among others. with fubar Having debuted on Netflix in May 2023, let’s talk about whether the series is any good or if it’s just an Arnold Schwarzenegger project.

A different side of Schwarzenegger


Fans often equate Schwarzenegger with machine guns and bloody action-packed fights. fubar, While putting the actor in a role where he gets his fair share of action, Schwarzenegger also plays a more humorous, family-oriented character.

In playing the lead role of top CIA agent Luke Bruner, who is dragged back into action for one last job just as he is about to retire, Schwarzenegger is also a father trying to deal with the revelation that his daughter is not what he thinks she is and a husband, rather an ex-husband. , trying to win back his wife.

With viewers getting used to seeing the actor in primarily strong and masculine roles, fubar It provides a welcome change. Although the series is about nuclear bombs, top-secret missions, and a good amount of blood, Schwarzenegger’s Brunner sits in joint therapy sessions with his daughter and confronts the hard truths of his relationship with his ex-wife and family.

Was living an adrenaline-filled life, going from one international assignment to another, worth losing his family? Thus a soft side of the actor was revealed, as Brunner acknowledged and accepted his mistakes and learned to deal with the consequences of his actions. Speaking about playing father-daughter roles with Schwarzenegger, Barbaro said:

“It was kind of perfect to have this father-daughter dynamic, because we’d give each other a shit all day. I think that helped us a lot in finding that kind of family chemistry. He was also kind enough to let me ask him anything about his experience.” And all that.”

Almost predictable story

Luke and Emma Fubar

Spoiler warning: spoilers ahead FUBAR

despite of fubar Certainly a binge-watcher, thanks to cliffhanger endings in many of its episodes, the plot of the series isn’t nearly as fresh. A boy whose father was murdered by the series’ protagonist grows up to become a powerful, vengeance-oriented arms dealer with a loyal following who will do anything he tells them to.

Obsessed with revenge and determined to carry on his father’s legacy, Boro Bologna manufactures a bomb capable of mass destruction. Luke Brunner and his team, which includes his daughter Emma, ​​are tasked with thwarting Boro’s plans.

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An antagonist on a quest for revenge, a race against time to stop the bad guys, a father-daughter struggle, and family drama, despite keeping viewers in their seats, is more or less a tried and tested trope. Viewers were already expecting to see Schwarzenegger play a gun-savvy role, and the curveballs the series throws at its viewers are to be expected.

Unsurprisingly, Boro reappears at a subsequent wedding, with scars on one side of his face, thanks to him leaving Luke at the mercy of a bombshell. The end of Carter and Emma’s relationship was also quite predictable, and most viewers probably thought that Tali’s wedding to Donnie would never come true.

Perhaps the only unexpected twist was Tina’s revelation as the mole. However, it remains to be seen if Tina actually betrayed the team or had a change of heart over her affair with Barry.

punch but not quite

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fubar

fubar It is undoubtedly a series that makes you happy. The plot remains tried and true, and the cast consists of noteworthy names. However, it remains to be seen if the series is able to keep viewers hooked for several seasons, even with Schwarzenegger in the lead. Talent it fubar It seems to ignore life-or-death situations and the constant recurrence of the same family issues, whether with Luke and Emma or Luke and Tally, becomes viewer-tiring after a certain point and takes away from the overall impact of the series.


all in all, fubar She seems to be playing it safe, as her main draw was Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. The punch of the series seems half-hearted. The potential is undeniable, especially with Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro taking on some of the lead roles.

Although the story of the series was good, there was nothing special or impressive about it. Throwing in Romy may have been an attempt to give the plot more depth, but that also seems to fall short due to the lack of detail focus.

fubar Worth an hour, while staying true to the action-comedy genre, but the end of the first season makes one think the series feels somewhat like a throwback to Schwarzenegger’s glory days, complete with a catchphrase – that’s it and that’s it!

A second season for fubar It’s been confirmed, and the Season 1 finale certainly left some avenues for the new season to explore. Until the second season comes, fubar Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix!


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