Jordan Peele always makes a splash. The word anticipation has become plastered to his name, and for good reason. His ability to craft social commentary until it’s fluid and easily digestible, and then mix it up with horror, is admirable. This was proven at the height of the readiness for its launch in 2022 no. The anxious fans waggled their tongues like puppies wagging their tails. The noise was on.

no It premiered in the heat of summer 2022, July 22nd, to be exact. But the climate didn’t matter to the die-hard fans. The masses were overly responsive in their support. Although the feature wasn’t as good as Peele’s previous success, Get out, He was successful nonetheless. According to Variety,

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Audience response to “Yep, to Jordan Peele’s sci-fi thriller,” helped Nope top the box office with $44 million in its debut.

So, by all indications, it was not a failure.

Of course, not everyone was impressed with this choice. Many expressed their disdain on various social media, citing varying reasons. A selection was unimpressed with the monster element, noting its similarity to a staple piece of living room decor. Others fail to understand the message. And a few others didn’t understand the need for any message at all. After all, some prefer their own entertainment, like dessert, sweet and simple.

But then there was the opposite camp of moviegoers who were ashamed to introduce themselves no as a modern masterpiece. There was no denying the division of the camps. But looking back and looking at the big split, one wonders if no She may have lost her charm. And if it’s still worth re-watching today. Here are some reasons that lean towards yes.

Universal messaging never gets old

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Messages with impact never get old, so movies with a message never get old either. This argument provides an ideal rationale for rewatching no. Although many people may not have understood Bell’s message, it was present and universal. As dismissive as some may be, Bale has never been silent about the context behind his film.

Bell reportedly told several outlets no It was a movie about people’s fascination with the viewer and the rejection of those really important things. Bell’s explanation of such was just one point of emphasis. Ironically, Peele embodied this in an overtly subtext through the composition of the piece itself. Yet viewers still miss key context or clues that reveal the larger theme. They strayed from the larger scene of the movie. Hence, looking at this factor with greater analysis, one cannot help pointing out Bale’s brilliance. As Vox notes,

“no It’s a big, loud, effects-driven spectacle. It’s a movie that contains a thousand references to the past. But it does serve at least a little bit as a warning, a prophecy, a call to restart, a reminder to pay attention to what or who catches our eye.”

This is worth reminding from time to time.

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Successful movies are always worth rewatching

Keke Palmer Nope
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Movies considered successful are doing so for a reason. While there may be a plethora of individual dissenting opinions on a film level, moviegoers vote with their money. And according to Variety, post-show data collection revealed that opening weekend box office returns not only confirmed success, but also the demographic pool.

According to the data, the reported factors showed no It appealed to a variety of moviegoers. Furthermore, while weekend sales translated positively, that was only part of the picture. The film averaged over 17 million at the global box office when all was said and done. Conclusively, when a movie is successful, especially given these factors, it serves as a basis for rewatching, whether to reaffirm its greatness or to separate hype from facts.

Some things remain invisible

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Layered films are complicated watches. Because rarely does one catch everything on first viewing. no It falls into that category. When considering the layers of the film, rewatches aren’t much of an issue for those who become experts at deep diving in the first hour. However, for others, it will take a look or two to absorb all that the movie has to offer. This is the same good book. It does not matter how many times one reads it; There is always something new to find, and this is the case with no.

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No comparison to Peele’s previous work

Chris is being hypnotized by Missy, the chainer who is stalking the Wilsons and OJ trying to woo the UFO
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A film connoisseur lives for the sport of business comparison, and Peele’s works provide a great basis for study. Peele has many pieces in its catalog, get out, united states, And now no, All of which use social commentary and horror. Although these elements are not always touched upon, they are often not the same measure of success.

Thus, Peele’s directing skills are constantly off. This is a way to examine the unique talent, skill, and methodology of a man who single-handedly fostered socially conscious horror and helped redefine the horror genre. So re-watching any films in his catalog gives a better idea of ​​his approach and who he is as a director. It is a study of mastering a craft. That’s why, yes, no Worth rewatching.

One can find many reasons to watch or not watch a particular movie. It’s the fan’s choice. Grant both The success, the universality of its message, its intricacy, and given its creator, it’s well worth a rewatch. no, It’s currently streaming on Prime Video for those who haven’t seen the amazing spectacle of 2022 or who want to rewatch.


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