Every time a new streaming service appears on our horizon, we ask ourselves the same question: Do we really need another? That’s while we’re already getting the free trial. It seems the less time we have, the more choices we get. Yes, technology makes our lives easier, but no one can say that the past wasn’t simpler in this regard.

when + Apple TV Launched back in 2019, Apple users were instantly excited. Here was the only thing his universe was missing. But aside from some very good TV shows and movies, there wasn’t much to watch on Apple TV+. Four years later, that debate has evolved.

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So, keeping in mind the latest content launched through Apple’s streaming platform, we decided to make a list with the latest pros and cons of the service (mostly using a perspective from the majority of users: using Apple TV+ from a smart TV). Is it worth paying for Apple TV+? Read below and you will see.

Pro – excellent TV shows

+ Apple TV

This one is a great pro in our opinion. One that is easily demonstrable by canceling out the others in the list. We’re talking about shows like insanely entertaining but well-intentioned Ted LassoCleverly written morning showwhich should be your next choice, shrank. The production value is very high, and even the canceled ones run in one seasonal viewing. Oh, and their movies are pretty good too, even if there are only a few in their originals department.

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Con – Not as much content as other services

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+ Apple TV

We only refer to Apple Originals. It’s a rather poor service in terms of the size of the original catalog. It’s so limited, you might even get over it completely in a couple of months. The cost is relatively low when compared to others, but given the number of movies and series you can choose from, it would be disastrous for Apple to increase their prices if they don’t increase the amount of content. With the writer’s strike still going, we don’t see this happening anytime soon.

The professional user interface looks great

morning show
+ Apple TV

With Apple TV+, you feel like you’re inside their world. At least from an aesthetic perspective, it’s everything Apple says it is. Fonts, fluid interface, and features that appear when you select a movie or TV show. When it comes to branding and the identity it has to come with, Apple is ahead of the race. Apple TV + is no exception to this rule.

Con – The user interface looks good, but it’s very confusing

Platonic release date
+ Apple TV

We got it. Apple has no intention of making its service look similar to the rest. However, this time they should have looked for directions. The search module isn’t easy to handle, and it doesn’t display the regular “Movies or TV Shows” buttons to let you select that all-important track from scratch. Your only option is to scroll down and try to find something to watch among the very limited options in the interface. Voice search algorithm also needs to be improved soon. Again, we tested this with a TV. On iPhone, it works even better.

Pro – You get two months free if you buy some Apple devices

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+ Apple TV

However, there are not many brands that offer you free months to enjoy their services by purchasing something directly related to them. In 2019, I got one year free, but there were only two shows and movies to watch. Now we only get three months free, but it should be more than enough to indulge in their little catalog. Bonus: Signing up is super easy.

Con – There are no profiles, which makes sharing a bit… inconvenient

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+ Apple TV

We’ll be honest. Everyone shares their password, regardless of the service. It’s something that won’t stop anytime soon. So Apple’s solution to this “problem” is to limit the account to just one profile. From a business standpoint, this makes sense. But in an ideal environment, you should be able to create profiles. On Apple TV+, you’re stuck with one. This simply does not make sense.

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Pro – Provides access to VOD

Silo TV Show on Apple TV+
+ Apple TV

Yes, there is not much to see in the Apple assets section. Other services have much more content. However, Apple TV+ gives you access to VOD content that you can rent or buy with a single click. The best thing is that some movies are actually much cheaper on Apple’s service than others like Prime Video.

Con – Android device compatibility

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+ Apple TV

This is the problem. Apple TV+ is not available for download and use on non-Apple devices such as Samsung Android mobile phones. Tablets are also a no-go. We pushed them to be exclusive, but if they do open up on devices like Roku and Fire TV sticks, how do other cell phones get out of the picture? Is it a technological thing? Wouldn’t Apple TV + look good on other devices?

With these pros and cons in mind, we hope you can now decide if an Apple TV+ subscription is in your future.


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