The highly anticipated movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Features the (final?) return of Harrison Ford as the iconic high-flying adventure archaeologist Indiana Jones, and he’s about to hit theaters very soon. The popular franchise has always been full of amazing stuff as Indy hunts for valuable treasures, from ancient and deadly religious artifacts to aliens’ crystal bones, so we’re excited while we wait for Jonesy to track down the mysterious Dial of Destiny in his latest adventure.

Fans on Reddit though were doing more than waiting for the big reveal, pretty much anticipating what could happen the Destiny askedcoming up with lots of different kinds of theories, some very wild indeed, but somehow make sense — so here are the craziest fan theories we found on Reddit about the upcoming future. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

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The Disc of Destiny is the Antikythera Mechanism


The more realistic theory was by Redditor hunter 1899, that the mysterious object the movie is named after, the Dial of Destiny, is actually a real-life device known as the Antikythera Mechanism. From antiquity built by the ancient Greeks and discovered in 1901 and named after the place where it was found, Antikythera is believed to have been used by ancient astronomers to track the movement of celestial bodies and predict eclipses, and the object has been described as the oldest known analog computer.

Indy’s finds are often inspired by real-life objects, such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, both of which are from the Bible. Antikythera theory as the inspiration for the logical order, and it is likely to prove correct.

The Disc of Destiny is part of the Ark of the Covenant

Indiana Jones Salah the Great Ark of the Covenant ride movie

When God commanded the Israelites to build the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the two tablets of Moses on which the Ten Commandments were written. He only told some people to touch the ark, anyone who wasn’t supposed to but did would die instantly. See a copy of this at Raiders of the Lost Arkas the Nazis open the ark and they all burn to death.

The theory that connects the Dial of Destiny to other discoveries of Indiana Jones is by Redditor The_Lasso_Way, speculating that the Dial of Destiny connects to the Holy Grail, used by Jesus Christ (and found by Indy), which connects to the Ark, to allow people to touch the Ark without being burned to death. It’s not clear exactly how the pieces will fit together, but it would be a great way to tie the films together.

The Indiana Jones Adventures are Han Solo’s dreams

Han Solo and Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford
Paramount Pictures
Twentieth Century Fox

This has actually been a very popular theory for at least a decade now, long cited by many Redditors, and is a favorite among two separate fans, due to the fact that Harrison Ford played Indiana Jones archaeologist and smuggler. Han Solo.

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in star wars: empire strike, Han Solo was frozen in carbonite for several months by Jabba the Hutt, and this theory holds that Han dreamed himself up on adventures like Indy during his long sleep. both of them Indiana Jones aAbbreviation II star Wars are Lucasfilm products, so there is a first connection that allows many other surprising connections between the franchises to be more believable. It’s questionable whether this will be confirmed or denied, but it’s amusing for many true believers on both sides to think that The Wild Adventures of Indiana Jones are actually just Han Solo’s incredibly detailed fever dreams.

The Disc of Destiny reveals the future

From the movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
Walt Disney Studios

Several popular theories explain how the Disk can actually alter time, though the word “fate” has the opposite meaning of change, and a plausible theory by Redditor Film_snob63 explains the powers of the Dial of Destiny, giving a plausible explanation for its name and purpose.

Dial actually reveals one’s destiny, showing one’s future and end. Thus, in the style of Greek mythology, a person tries to change his fate, but creates it himself. This theory makes more sense in terms of the name of the film’s central device, though, when there are films that care about terminology?

Indy will lose his right eye


Diving deep into franchise canon, Redditor Nerf_Herder86 posits that Indy will lose his right eye. Remember the unknown series little indiana jones records, As 93-year-old Indy relates his youthful adventures to his grandchildren, we see that Indy loses his right eye.

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Knowing that Destiny tablet It was established in 1969 and so on Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Set in 1992, then we can reasonably expect Indy to lose his right eye in his latest adventure in order to keep up with the canon and perhaps as a way to add stakes to the movie.

The dial of destiny rewrites time

Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny (2023) De-aging
Walt Disney Studios

This is the most popular theory surrounding the entire movie that Dial can rewrite time, in the trailer we hear that “the dial can change the course of history”. While it doesn’t confirm anything, given that usually all of the other relics that Indy follows also have such amazing powers, from religious artifacts with deity powers to extraterrestrials with advanced technologies.

So the idea that the dial allows for changes in history, and perhaps even time travel, is not alien to Indiana Jones. Although Redditor Big_Avo suggests that the Dial is actually an early flush capacitor that fit a Ford Model T to allow time travel, so who knows what will be right in the end.


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