The belts are being tightened at Disney+ and Hulu. After massive upheavals in their approach to streaming content, unfortunately more than 50 Disney+ and Hulu titles have been removed from the service. Since the majority of them may not be available elsewhere, we’ve basically seen the return of the “Disney vault”. Although, rather than making a comeback in the future, these shows and movies will likely stay in the dark forever. But even after the first initial removal of the content, more shows seem to be following suit. A recent example, which is the first piece of MCU content pulled from either service, is Fugitives.

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Originally aired from 2017 to 2019, Fugitives It was a three-season series that followed the superhero team of the same name, following a group of teens who rebel against their supervillain parents. Despite the positive critical reception, the series was eventually canceled with a somewhat open ending. And now, four years later, its loose connection with the multimedia console has been completely broken. What other Hulu shows might be removed next in this permanent content purge? These are just some ideas.

MODOK Marvel


MODOK Marvelside by side Monkey hit marvelwas the result of a troubled production deal that ultimately didn’t turn out the way it should have. Actually the story of how Modoc It’s arguably more interesting than the show itself.

It was originally ordered alongside Monkey hit and two canceled projects—the Tigra and Dazzler show, as well as the Howard the Duck project— Modoc is a stop-motion comedy that sees Patton Oswalt play our favorite villain. After failing to rule the world one last time, MODOK finds himself struggling to balance his family life while collecting what’s left of his shattered evil practices. remnants of a collapsed project, Modoc It only lasted one season under the direct supervision of Marvel Studios, which means it’s staple material to be removed from Hulu when needed.


Mallory Johnson in Kindred 2022

You will be forgiven for looking Type And to think it would be a standard miniseries. Just a little over a month later Type For the first time on broadcast, it was later canned.

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As an adaptation of the titular novel by Octavia E. Butler, Type It stars Mallory Johnson as a woman caught between two time periods, as she jumps between the modern day of 2016 and an antebellum farmhouse in the 19th century. It’s an interesting concept for a series. However, some critics noted that its multiple deviations from the source material ensured a focus on future storylines rather than what was already available for adaptation.

Although Johnson did great with what was given to her, Type He may not be on Hulu for too long. If an entire miniseries can be cancelled, there isn’t much fighting chance for an unfinished series.


Grimcutty phone

It was produced by the now-defunct 20th Digital Studio, which also had a hand in producing the 2023 Hulu horror movie. hourThis creature feature definitely made a splash when it was first released. Not necessarily a “good” splash.

dark is a horror film that uses internet-inducing paranoia and memes in a cautionary tale of hysteria. It’s an interesting idea for sure, however dark In the end can not deliver. Its messages sound a little over the top for its intended broadcast audience. Some felt the titular monster looked more goofy than anything else, the film’s inconsistent internal logic confused some, and others felt the film’s pacing and performance were uneven. While there’s still a good chance it’ll stay on Hulu, you can imagine allowances at the streaming service might decide to put it down dark under.


Zoë Kravitz in High Fidelity 2020

Based on the 1995 novel and the 2000 movie of the same name, this romantic comedy series only lasted one season before being canceled in 2020. HD particularly notable because it was shot on location in Brooklyn, New York, which may have contributed to its early cancellation.

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Zoë Kravitz plays a downtown Brooklyn music fan who, while running her shop, tries to find love between selling vinyl and hanging out with her friends. Although most found Kravitz’s performance convincing, as well as the accompanying music that plays throughout the series’ 10 episodes, it wouldn’t be out of the question to suggest he disappears from the service any time soon.

After a similar series of takedowns and takedowns on the Max streaming service, HD There may not be much time left before he plunges into indefinite obscurity.

Crossing swords

Nicholas Hoult on Hulu's Crossing Swords

Bland visuals and halting animation mask a crude, damning show from the same team behind it. Robot chicken. Hulu Crossing swords is an animated comedy for adults, though its catchy visuals and charming designs give it something you won’t find in its contemporaries. Given that the series has been canceled for over three years now, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if it fell off the face of the earth.

The peasant-turned-knight bites off more than he can chew when he finally lands his dream job, where he is forced to deal with all the unsavory problems the kingdom faces. Featuring a talented cast that includes the likes of Nicholas Hoult, Tara Strong, Tony Hale and Maya Erskine, Crossing swords It is the perfect accompaniment for fans Robot chicken – That is, if it does not disappear soon.


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