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The words “You’re fired” have never sounded sweeter than when grown-up Gordon Ford whispered them to Midge after she braved a four-minute act on his show. Thus, Midge catapulted into the glitzy stratosphere of stardom. Her recent hiatus on the show was only the beginning of her journey that would have been one for the entertainment history books if Midge had been a real person.

In the Diverse World of Television’s Golden Age, Amy Sherman-Palladino The wonderful Mrs. Maisel It burst onto the streaming scene in 2017 and delivered a stellar mix of comedy and drama over five delicious seasons. Set in New York City in a bygone era, at the center of this sparkling opus is Miriam “Midge” Maisel, perfectly portrayed by Rachel Brosnahan.

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After the implosion of her seemingly idyllic marriage, Upper West Side resident Meadage, a woman of uncompromising vitality, stumbles upon an unexpected outlet for her limitless stores of charisma–stand-up comedy. Her alliance is with the indomitable Susie Myerson, portrayed by the brave Alex Borstein (Sherman Palladino’s lucky charm). Gilmore Girls days), helps Midge break through a male-dominated profession.

It is only appropriate that The wonderful Mrs. Maisel Swansong includes Midge breaking through the glass ceiling with sheer force as Carol Burnett (played by Leslie Rodriguez-Kritzer), an icon of her time, who shattered many gender barriers paving the way for others to follow.

As we saw during the first four seasons of The wonderful Mrs. MaiselMidge’s road to comedic triumph is riddled with ups and downs. She sparks many rivalries, makes more friendships, but ultimately shines brightly in this dazzling fifth season!

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The series breathes life into an era of cultural shift and reflects it with the parallel transformation of Midge. Even at the start of the series, we knew Midge was destined for greatness. She managed to turn all of her dreams of achieving success into reality beyond what anyone could have imagined for her or women like her at the time she was born, and it’s amazing to witness. Unlike the fate of the other ASP heroine, Rory, she meets V.I Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeMidge’s happy ending is exciting.

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Midge’s father, Abe Weissman, is finally forced to have a feminist epiphany of his own after forever obsessing over the firstborn sons of the Weissman clan and their obvious geniuses who do nothing with them. This moment comes to him in the form of his granddaughter Esther, who turns out to be a musical talent in the Maesel Wiseman family, and not Ethan, her brother, who is only happy.

Tired of taking three steps forward and two steps back, Midge pushes Suzy to play all her hands, knowing full well that when the stakes are high, the stakes must be higher. Suzy confronts her inner demons when she asks Heidi Ford for a golden favor. Susie undergoes a conversion as well with this act. As we see in many of the sneak peeks, Susie becomes the badass who is able to strike deals for her clients that no one else can. She becomes a real badass witch who can spell success for everyone involved in mastering her craft.

they did it. Midge and Susie’s unbreakable bond (which for once fades when Joel faces prison) propels both of them to the heights of victory they had tasted in the dim Gaslight eons ago.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Glorious Send-off

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As the final moments of The Gordon Ford Show build to a crescendo, you might be worried, “What if Midge misses the train again!?” That is, until you remember that the show has already proven that she doesn’t.

The narrative choice of multiple flashbacks and fast-forwarding throughout Season 5 ensures that we get a sweeping view of Midge and Susie’s future finally coming to life. We are witnessing the glorious triumph of two women who refused to be bound by society’s dictates and forged their way forward.

It may be lonely at the top – and at the end of the line in one’s life – but it’s not cool to Midge or Susie. They have each other. They rest atop their individual empires, in their lavish homes designed just for them, but are only a giggle-invitation. Danger together.

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Their lifelong friendship defies many of the metaphors imposed on successful women in reality and on screen. You can be friends with your colleagues. You won’t alienate everyone after you get to the top (maybe just your kids, but even the unsuccessful ones do). Platonic Connections can be the ultimate lifeline, even if they are six time zones apart.

Midge’s parents are long gone when we see her in the later parts of the series finale. She has her and Joel’s wedding pictures on her desk, but he’s not by her side anymore. But Midge has Susie, which makes her laugh until the screen goes dark. That’s a fairytale ending right there.


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