The trip is over. Flight 828 lands, passengers resolve their calls and hit the date of death. Everything is back to normal. Well, that’s kind of normal. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

the previous weekend, He appears Its turbulent run concluded with the end of its fourth and final season. There was nothing more to the tragedy of the missing plane than a smooth ride to the station. Initially planned for six seasons, NBC cut the trip in half by canceling it after its third season. Fortunately, the show’s popularity skyrocketed on Netflix, and the streaming giant swooped in, giving it a proper landing to its final destination. Enough aviation pun for you?

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Without a dedicated #SaveManifest campaign, the show would hardly have seen a Netflix revival. This shows the strength of their dedicated fan base. But now that the show is over, what should fans do? Judging by reactions to the finale, that faithfulness to the show isn’t going away anytime soon. Can lightning strike twice? maybe He appears The fan base can gather again to continue the saga of Flight 828. I left a lot of limbs untied at the end, so the world can still expand. But what would that look like?

How did it all end?


Before we dive into Flight 828’s new adventures, let’s recap what happened in the end. The second half of Season 4 is dedicated to setting up the end of the world, and by the end, the date of death has arrived on June 2, 2024 (exactly one year after the final episodes were released).

The passengers (minus Angelina and her all-male band of psychiatrists) are gathered together at the base of a nearby mountain derived from Callings as the site of the final judgment. It was also the place where the Saanvi returned a piece of Noah’s Ark to Earth by throwing it into a volcanic fissure. Hidden volcanoes all over the world begin to erupt, signaling the beginning of the end of the world. As they did, Flight 828 resurfaced out of the volcanic fissure, and its passengers boarded it.

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Angelina reappears, and after an initial desire to kill her, Ben brings her on board. Now with all the passengers on board, Captain Amuta flies the plane out of the volcanic devastation. Angelina and her followers turned to volcanic ash, because they never followed the invitations.

A mysterious Grim Reaper-like figure with angel wings appears in the plane to take the rest of the passengers. Remember, if they don’t all beat the date of death, none of them will. Nevertheless, the passengers stand firm and vigorously remind the number of all the good they have done. The UF works and the number disappears.

The glow around the first flight appears, and this time, the plane flies directly at it rather than trying to escape from it. So what happens now?

Back to the past

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The glow light fades, and the passengers head back to the airport. the date? April 7, 2013, the exact day they were supposed to land. Everyone wears their costumes from that first flight, and even the dead passengers are resurrected.

Ben and Michaela find Grace, Olive, and their parents, alive and well, waiting for them at the gate. The passengers soon discover that they have retained all of their memories from the experience, but the rest of the world resets from 2024 to 2013. Also, Cal is rewarded for his sacrifice in the penultimate episode and has his childhood restored without any memory. From the trauma of Flight 828.

Happy endings for some

Manifest Season 4 Trailer - Airport Storm

Ben and Grace share their lives again, Olive and Cal can grow old together, and Michaela meets Zeke at the airport to start their relationship over. Saanvi has been reunited with her partner Alex, and it looks like our main cast will live happily ever after. However, some sadness hides behind the smiles.

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The 828’s allies outside the lifeboat (Jared, Olive, Vance, Drea, etc.) are all reset to 2013 and, as such, have no memory of their friends or the amazing journey they all went through. Also, Eden’s youngest child of the Stones was completely erased from existence. However, if the Callings have taught us anything, it’s that all things are forever connected, and those important people are likely to find their way into the Stones’ lives sooner or later. This brings us to what might happen next.

Despite how it looks, the 828 puzzle is far from over. In one of the final scenes, Vance inquires about how the 11 people disappeared from the plane. It refers to 11 in Angelina’s crew who did not survive the date of death and therefore did not return to the airport. Well…could there be a new mystery brewing?

Vance may be interrogating passengers like Ben, Michaela and Saanvi for any information on the missing 11 notices. Rookie Officer Drea also arrives at the airport with Vance and explains the disappearance to Jared. See, all the pieces are there, and it looks like this group might come together after all.

Flight 828 is the mystery that keeps on giving, and there’s clearly enough material out there if Netflix sees franchise potential. All fans need now is to revive the #SaveManifest campaign, and maybe we’ll see a Mani verse (if you will) as the mystery of Flight 828 never ends.


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