With an eccentric list of indie films and blockbusters, Taika Waititi has become one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of the past 10 years. With his personal life obsessed with the paparazzi, and the media continuing to salivate at every hint of a potential Waititi-led project, one title has gained significant traction in recent months.

Highly anticipated The next target wins It was finally released later this year after a series of hiccups and missteps during production. Although originally filmed in 2019-2020, production has resumed after Will Arnett was called in to replace the annoying Armie Hammer. Now that it has been issued Thor: Love and Thunder Comforted in the past, Yeti is ready to return to his roots.

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The next target wins is Waititi’s spin-off sports comedy with the upcoming film retelling the infamous story of the American Samoa soccer team. After an embarrassing 31-0 loss to Australia, the team hopes to bounce back under the guidance of a Dutch football coach (Michael Fassbender) who prides himself on unorthodox methods.

The film has all the ingredients to be a great underdog story, with Indiewire’s Samantha Bergeson recounting an interview with Waititi where he claims, “Most of my films are about people who live on the fringes, or are a little left out, [Next Goal Wins] It suits me perfectly.

The sweet scent of success

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To better understand where Waititi is returning to, it is important to note where Waititi is returning from. The past six years have seen Waititi soar to new heights in his career. After building a reputation as a fun-loving indie director, Waititi took the faltering Thor franchise and rebooted it to box office success and critical acclaim with 2017’s Motorcycle rental.

This led to a symbiotic creative relationship with Hollywood’s largest media giant, with Waititi working on films with Disney’s subsidiaries, Marvel (Thor 3 and 4) and Fox Searchlight Pictures (Jojo Rabbit And The next target wins).

with 2019 Jojo Rabbit Back home Best Adapted Screenplay at the 92nd Academy Awards and a Waititi executive who has produced several TV series, his name became a hot commodity seemingly overnight, and soon “Taika Waititi” was dug into all corners of film and television, including In that Emmy-nominated performance in The Mandalorian. Taika continues to make noise with a new star Wars The film he aims to write and direct, along with other live-action adaptations of beloved IPs such as akira, incalls, And Gordon flash.

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This meteoric rise has reached a dizzying peak Thor: Love and Thunder Receive less than stellar ratings. However, the dip in critical acclaim may be an unfortunate consequence of the deviation from the format. part of Motorcycle rentalWaititi’s success lies in Waititi’s ability to turn Thor’s character arc into an underdog story, with Waititi admitting that it was difficult to “come up with all these new ideas to try and make something as good if not better than the previous one”.

Island boy at heart

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If Waititi’s last four titles represent his new partnership with Hollywood, his first four films accurately represent his independent filmmaking career. All of Waititi’s first four features were produced within the New Zealand film ecosystem, with his second feature film, child (2010), receiving support from the Sundance Institute. As a filmmaker, Waititi single-handedly represents New Zealand film, with two of his films at one point taking the country’s highest-grossing title.

As a self-proclaimed “Polynesian Jew,” Waititi’s first films are clearly always grappling with his Jewish and Māori identities. while child It is a semi-autobiographical account of the life of Waititi, who grew up in Waiho Bay, New Zealand. Find Wilder is a more direct representation of this identity conversation. The 2016 film follows Ricky Baker, an adopted Maori teen, and his gray-haired “uncle” Hector during a wild police chase through the New Zealand bush, certainly dealing with themes of institutionalization, colonialism, and redemption.

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Find Wilder And born f 2014 satirist What do we do in the shadows? are early examples of Waititi’s brilliant underdog stories and witty, self-deprecating humor. Combined with his independent spirit and devotion to his Pacific Islander identity, we hope Waititi’s comedic style will resurface again. The next target wins. The upcoming film focuses on Pacific islands as a cinematic backdrop with an overblown underdog story that’s silly enough to whet Waititi’s comedic appetite. The underdog is also a perfect storyline for a sports movie.

While Taika Waititi’s filmmaking career continues to progress, it’s exciting to see him return to a familiar place. Like Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro G. Iñárritu returning to Mexico to shoot Rome And Bardot, Respectively, it’s always interesting to see how a director’s career in Hollywood affects his films when he returns home. The next target wins It certainly seems like a long overdue return to Waititi’s roots.


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