After nearly four years of waiting, the mega web series came out Two party hotel Finally on our screens in the summer of 2023. Created by animator Vivienne Medrano, who has taken to VivziePop online, Two party hotel Follows the Princess of Hell, Charlie, as she tries to make her dreams of opening a “Happy Hotel” a reality. Each year, the inhabitants of Hell are cleansed to make room for the next batch of sinners; Instead, Charlie wants them rehabilitated so that their souls can ascend to Heaven. The pilot garnered millions of views and quickly built up a large and dedicated fan base, which soon led to A24 acquiring Two party hotel.

To keep up with fan interaction and explore more of them two partiesWith its unique spin on Hell, Medrano and its studio, SpindleHorse Toons, have created a spin-off series Hellova Boss. While the previous show focused on a linear narrative about redemption, Hellova Boss More casual and character-driven. The show follows members of the IMP (Instant Killing Professionals), killers who murder humans on Earth for their demonic clients, inevitably adding to the abundance of sinners Charlie tries to help. They are made up of the boss, Blitzo (“o” silent), his adopted daughter Loona, and married couple Moxxie and Millie; Each episode sees the team complete their tasks and, most importantly, get paid.

Both shows are delightfully silly and bizarre, and showcase the immense talent and passion of the teams behind them. There is no telling what’s new Two party hotel It will be, but can it outrun the popularity of its spin-off?

What is Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss on?

A 24

Medrano’s description Two party hotel in a virtual panel for 2020 as a show on “Payback” and “Consequences”. in depth, Two party hotel It is about Lucifer’s daughter, Charlie, who is trying to radically change Hell for the better. Charlie W two parties It has a clear end in sight, and while we’ll definitely see these characters explore the details of their Hell episode, most of them can’t travel to a lower level. Conversely Hellova Boss It is intended to show Hell as it is and in greater detail, focusing on the personal relationships and world-building of both shows.

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This begins with the characters Blitzo, Moxxie, and Millie, who are all imp, the lowest level of Satan, and basically Hell’s working class. Their receptionist Loona is a Hellhound, the anthropomorphic dogs who make up the other half of Hell’s lower social classes. These are not people trying to better themselves; They are just looking to make some quick cash and survive in the hell hole they call home. This is not to say that we do not see any of the more powerful demons of Hell. Stolas, an owl demon who lent Blitzo his magic book to travel to Earth, is part of Goetia’s royal family and thus has extraordinary magical abilities. Each Ring of Hell is controlled by one of the Seven Deadly Sins, with Asmodeus Lust and Beelzebub ruling Gluttony.

Helluva’s boss shows more hell

Helluva Boss Grid Ring

Hellova Boss He sees his characters moving around a lot in the different circles of Hell. So far, we’ve been given a glimpse of at least most of the Circles of Hell and the general theme behind them. Rage, for example, is a rustic ensemble made up of ranchers and farmers with an old western aesthetic. Greed, on the other hand, is an industrial wasteland with plenty of criminal underbelly. One of its towns is actually called Notamafia Town. Lust is, appropriately, a collection of clubs and bars perfect for hooking up, and Gluttony is a steady party where fiends feed off their endless desires. The IMP’s headquarters and Hazbin Hotel are located on the Pride Ring, the first and highest ring of hell where sinners are locked up.

Because sinful demons cannot leave the Pride Ring, it seems unlikely Two party hotel We will delve deeper into the bowels of hell. However, what we can expect to see is more focus on Pentagram City where the hotel is located. Furthermore, Two party hotel It promises to give viewers a better idea of ​​how heaven and earth work in this universe.

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IMP members travel to Earth regularly, but usually with the specific purpose of killing people; If Charlie or any of her new friends need to make it up front, we may see a kinder side to humanity. Then there is paradise Hellova Boss It is only touched upon in an episode of CHERUB. From that, we can gather that Heaven has a company like IMP that saves humans rather than kills them and that angels can apparently be expelled from Heaven. It is this last point that will play a role in particular Two party hotelas it indicates that Charlie’s plan may not be as far-fetched as everyone assumes.

The performances complement each other

Helluva Boss Moxie Millie

Two party hotel Giving us our first glimpse of Medrano’s bizarre and thoughtful depiction of Hell, W Hellova Boss Since then it has expanded greatly in the meantime. In almost every respect, the spin-off series has surpassed the original simply by the amount of content it contains. Hellova Boss She’s had more time and space to enthrall audiences with her characters and their stories, and she’s doing so from a completely standalone team. Two party hotel, while maintaining an independent spirit according to Medrano, will inevitably be different from what audiences expected after falling in love with the pilot. And even if it was a great show, the new two parties You must also grapple with the stylistic and comical expectations set by the spin-off company.

Still, with Medrano at the helm and many of the crew remaining behind the scenes from the pilot, we can hope the two shows can act as companion chops to build the Underworld and beyond.


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