Next time you get on a train, be careful, because it might be full of people trained to kill.

When you think of assassins, you might think of the classic cloak and dagger, clad in all black, who have access to all sorts of gadgets to help them on their missions. Express trainDirected by David Leitch, it comes rushing onto the scene with a fresh take on modern day killers.

Starring Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, and Bad Bunny. Express train It features an all-star actress full of charisma and personality. The movie takes place in Tokyo, Japan, on a bullet train with some very special passengers on board: 5 different assassins each trying to complete a mission. This lively comedy premiered at the Grand Rex in Paris, France in July 2022 and was later released on Netflix in December 2022, bringing its vibrant and funny story to the streaming platform.

Express train It may distract you with a few laughs, but it will also keep your eyes glued to the screen with its eye-catching visuals by showcasing a mix of martial arts, unique characters, and a new look for the classic on-screen killer. Filled with comical action, changing scenes, and comic book effects, Express train is a very simplistic look at the killer type.

Aesthetically pleasing visuals

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Neon lights illuminate your screen early in the movie, as you are immediately thrown into a bustling urban area after the first scene in which Hiroyuki Sanada introduces himself as “eldest” and Andrew Koji as “father.” located in modern japan, Express train It puts you right in the heart of Tokyo, introducing one of the main characters, Lady Bug (played by Brad Pitt) who is having a conversation with his therapist on his smartphone as he walks down an alley full of bright lights of all different colors.

Store signs, bar lights, and glow-in-the-dark umbrellas fill viewers’ eyes with multicolored brilliance that gives the film a modern look and feel. You can notice the bustling energy of the bright Tokyo nightlife from your screen just from these introductory scenes. Express train It takes you on a short tour of what it would feel like to walk through Tokyo at night as you enjoy the pulsating lights around you, and visually sets the tone for the rest of the movie as the characters board the bullet train one by one.

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Comic book and manga influences

The father is in the hospital room at the beginning of Bullet Train
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It is not surprising that Express train It has major manga and comic book influences, given that the movie is based on the 2010 novel Maria Beetle by Kōtarō Isaka. Japanese text is saturated with neon glow and the accompanying English subtitles flash across the screen whenever the film introduces one of its deadly characters. The use of gritty Japanese script along with the fast paced and slick fighting sequences, makes you feel as if you are watching a comic book or manga in live action form.

With Rhythm Movie, you don’t have to wait long for some action to begin, just like in the comic book or manga format. Just nine minutes into the movie, guns are drawn, and the exciting adventure begins when the “Father” (Koji) comes into contact with the “Prince” (Joey King) in a highly suspenseful yet comical encounter. The humor in the film mixed with the action gives audiences the feeling of reading a story that could potentially come straight from a manga or comic book. With the movie’s choice of Japanese and English typography, high-speed pacing, and comic action, the viewer can enjoy comic book or manga elements in a cinematic setting.

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Unique character designs

Biggest Beetle and Daddy are standing together after an accident
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The killers aboard the bullet train are very different from each other, from their choice of fashion to their personalities. You have Lady Bug, an American assassin who wears a white bucket hat, black thick-rimmed glasses, a brown seersucker coat covering a green zip-up jacket over a white shirt, matching green pants, and white sneakers that indicate he’s one of the more laid-back killers of the group and his actions throughout the movie prove it. completely. There’s the dynamic English duo, Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Tangerine (Taylor-Johnson) who wear matching coats and are twin brothers. The “wolf” (played by Bad Bunny) joins the killers in a white suit, adorned with flowers and bloodstains, the same suit he wore at his ill-fated wedding. There “The Prince” in an all-pink coat covering a pink button-up shirt, red tie, pink blazer, and red skirt presents the audience with the look of an innocent schoolgirl when that is far from her true personality.

Killers have very specific personality traits that show from their clothing to the way they act. Lady Bug thinks he has a bad luck curse, Lemon takes inspiration from Thomas the Tank Engine, and Prince hides behind a mask of innocence. Each killer is carefully designed to portray their personalities in ways that are easily recognizable to the audience, creating an unforgettable ensemble. If you don’t remember the code names of the characters, you will surely remember what they look like.

Whether you’re a fan of killer movies, comics, manga, or just aesthetically pleasing movies, Express train They may have something in store for you. With a light-hearted story full of comedy, action, engaging cast and visuals, Express train It has a slight touch of everything action or comedy fans might enjoy. The film manages to blend all of the above elements seamlessly, resulting in an enjoyable movie that gives a fresh and stylish look to the killers.


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