Bloom House Horror Dolores Roach It follows the tale of the titular character as he returns to Washington Heights in Manhattan after a 16-year prison sentence. Portrayed by Justina Machado, Dolores finds that things have changed in her hometown; Optimization has taken over the faces, and familiar faces are hard to find. But she does hook up with her stoner boyfriend Luis (Alejandro Hernandez)local shopkeeper, Imbanda Luca. Lois offers Dolores his shop basement, where she begins working as a massage therapist. Her new career gets off to a good start, even earning the nickname “Magic Hands”, but when a tense situation with a client turns deadly, things start to unravel. Dolores descends into a life of killing, and things get even stranger when Lois begins using the flesh of Dolores’ victims to stuff his body. Empanadas.

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Described as “contemporary Sweeney Todd— an urban legend inspired by love, betrayal, weeds, cannibalism, and the survival of the fittest,” the upcoming series tackles grim topics like murder, deception, and cannibalism. In a recent conversation with AboutAmazon, Machado shared how series producer Gloria Calderon Kellett acted proactively to help the cast maneuver On these difficult topics:

“Gloria is always so thoughtful. Since this series deals with such heavy topics, she went above and beyond to bring in a team of advisors that we could talk to while we worked. Everyone thought it was weird at first, but it ended up being She is an amazing resource. She always makes sure everyone is taken care of,” Machado said.

Machado and Calderon Kellett previously collaborated on the Emmy Award-winning series one day at a time, in which Machado starred as a single mother and veteran Penelope. The popular show was based on Norman Lear’s 1975 series of the same name.

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Justina Machado Calls Dolores Roach’s Horror ‘Unbelievable’

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Horror Dolores Roach It is based on the podcast created, written and directed by Aaron Mark. The popular podcast of the same name piqued the interest of the popular horror production company Blumhouse, which is producing the upcoming horror-comedy series. Machado quipped that fans of the podcast will love the series.

“There will be some differences,” she said, “but the core of the story and the characters you’ve grown to love are present in the show. We’ve worked hard to keep the essence and tone of voice as in the podcast.”

Machado has earned high praise for the series, saying that “everything about it is incredible” and that she had never seen a show like it.

Horror Dolores Roach It stars Machado as Dolores and Hernandez as Luis. The cast also includes Keita Updike as Nellie Morris, an employee at an empanada store and Todd Freeman as Jeremiah, a local drug dealer who works with Louis. The series’ guest stars include Cyndi Lauper, Marc Maron, Jean Youn, Judy Reyes, and Jeffrey Self. Mark serves as co-producer and executive producer alongside Dara Resnik. Daphne Rubin-Vega (who voiced Dolores Roach on the podcast), Blumhouse Television’s Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, Chris Dickie, Spotify’s Dawn Ostroff, Mimi O’Donnell, Justin McGoldrick, GloNation Studios’ Calderon Kellett Dawson serves as executive producers. Dawson directs the pilot episode.

Horror Dolores Roach Premieres July 7 on Prime Video.


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