If there is one person who is guaranteed not to be plagued by questions he thinks are foolish, it is him Harrison Ford. No one holds back from saying exactly what he thinks, the actor revealed in a new interview with Esquire the question he always gets asked. star Wars Fans – and he clearly does not intend to waste time answering.

After spending several decades as part of the star Wars franchise, you would think there would be many meaningful and thoughtful questions that Ford fans would probably want to ask him if they had the chance. His character’s history, the scenes he’d like to have played differently, and his thoughts on creative teams, directors, and other cast members. However, the question he gets asked the most seems to be whether he thinks Han Solo or Indiana Jones would win if they had a fight. You can check out his comments below.

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Well, they usually ask me, “If there was a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones, who would win?” And I say, “I, asshole!” I don’t want to make this up. I mean, what is this nonsense asking me for?

For the record, if Ford had answered that question, it would usually only lead to arguments about who shot first, so perhaps his reaction would have been the best. Of course, fanfiction aside, this isn’t a sparring match we’ll ever see happen, so you’ll just have to make up your mind as to what the outcome will be…just don’t bother Ford with your theories.

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Star Wars has been a huge part of Harrison Ford’s life and career.

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Harrison Ford became a huge star on the back of his debut as Han Solo Star Wars: A New Hope. While the actor appears to be effectively done with his role afterwards Return of the Jedi In 1983, he returned with his best buddy, Wookie Chewbacca The Force Awakens. His appearance in that move provided the actor with one of his original images star Wars You wish – depending on which reports you believe – that Solo should meet his demise in the franchise.

While this happened, at the hands of his son Kylo Ren, that doesn’t mean Ford is completely finished star Warsand suddenly appeared as a ghost in the force Celestial Rise. With Han Solo now seemingly laid to rest, this year will see him say goodbye to another of his most iconic roles, Indiana Jones.

Despite that, there is still a lot to come from the future Hollywood veteran. As one door to the franchise closes, another opens, and next year he’ll be seen taking over the role of Thaddeus Ross from William Hurt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is expected to be his first appearance in Captain America: New World Orderalthough his role is likely to also take him to Lightning film. With the writer’s strike still going on for the time being, both films could be affected, and that could mean his actual screen appearances could be delayed.


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