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Harrison Ford Joining the MCU is something no one really expected, but after the death of William Hurt, the Indiana Jones star rose to take on the role of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in Captain America: Brave New World It is also expected to appear in Thunderbolts. However, there is one potential future for the character that Ford has now addressed, and that is the possibility of him turning into the Red Hulk just like the comic book iteration of the character.

During an interview with prior to the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Ford’s response to the question of whether he would become the Red Hulk in the future was exactly as you would expect from the veteran star.

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“What is the Red Hulk?”

After getting a brief update on the history of the Red Hulk, and Ford jokingly chastising Dial of Destiny co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge for not keeping him informed of the potential of the Marvel Universe, he gave a very noncommittal answer regarding whether the Red Hulk could appear in Captain America: Brave New World, saying, “Maybe or not.”

That’s really exactly what you’d expect, both from Ford’s own way of handling the kind of fictional franchise detail he finds himself in the middle of, and the fact that there’s still a lot of secrecy around where Anthony Mackie’s story is. The first movie as Captain America is heading.

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How will Captain America 4 affect the MCU?

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With only a few details known about the new Captain America movie, it’s hard to say exactly where the MCU will go after the movie tells its story. However, based on the cast, some unexpected MCU returnees, and plenty of rumors, it’s easy to paint a possible picture of just how pivotal the franchise’s future will be. Brave New World it will be.

When the cast’s list Captain America: Brave New World It was gradually revealed, and it turned out that the film had become something of a reunion Incredible Hulk ejaculate. Tim Nelson reprises his role as Captain, while Liv Tyler also returns as Betty Ross and Harrison Ford and picks up the role of Thaddeus Ross from William Hurt. This puts a very different spin on the film than how many people thought it would go down, but it does manage to tie together the second MCU film with the previous Captain America films and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series, all of which share the common thread of super soldiers and genetically modified characters.


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