the little Mermaid It’s mostly a straight remake of the original 1989 animated classic, with a few tweaks here and there to make the story more up-to-date. Although The Little Mermaid is based on a fictional fairy tale that should sit outside any real-world expectations, social commentary and life lessons are always at the forefront of many people’s minds, so the new story causes some to change the direction and goal of Ariel’s desire to be. part of the human world. In the overarching Deadline feature, stars Halle Bailey and Javier Bardem explain how the film’s ending was changed to show Ariel’s strength and belief in herself that comes as she progresses through the story. Billy said:

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“This ending is a really great version, and it shows her strength and power throughout the movie. You see Ariel transform before your eyes, where she is at first a bit shy and shy and frustrated because the beautiful things are the expression of herself and her future and her wants and needs are not being heard. And so, she has to Going out of her way to move into the world she doesn’t know and to be brave enough to do it so and come out on top the way she did, and the fight for love and friendship and family at the heart of the movie is just, it’s great to see that.So I say definitely moments like The ending was really emotional for me, and I was happy to see this transformation in Ariel.”

In a direct response to this, Bardem added:

“As parents, father and mother, we want protection [our children]. We want to make sure that they don’t suffer and that they don’t suffer. But life is about joy and pain, all the gray areas and ups and downs. These are the things you can’t avoid. And you have to be there for them, but also let them go and have their own journey. And he realizes this, and it’s not easy. I know.”

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The Little Mermaid is still a fairy tale at the end of the day.

the little Mermaid, like many Disney remakes and reboots of other older franchises, films, and TV shows, must take into account changes in society and what is seen as acceptable by modern standards. When it comes to stories like Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and more, the main thing to remember is their fairytale and fantasy origins, which are not really that different from those in more fantasy. Worlds like Narnia or Middle Earth.

What’s Seen on TV and in theaters these days is often called out by various groups on social media for failing to give the right message, but in some cases, the message isn’t really there in the first place because the whole idea of ​​the story is a fantasy and it exists only for purposes Entertainment, not to provide direct real-world comparisons.

In case the little MermaidThe film changes aspects of the story to appeal to a wide audience, but even that is not enough to please everyone. In its latest installment, Disney has delivered something that tells its story with the breadth and diversity it takes to entertain people from all walks of life. Perhaps then, anyone who still feels that a movie hero doesn’t display ideal role model qualities should look for that somewhere other than in a fictional fairy tale.


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