the The Chronicles of Narnia The films that graced the big screens for more than a decade have resonated well with not only fans of the original book series, but high fantasy fans of all demographics. With a well-chosen cast, a great soundtrack, writing that pays respect to the content of their source material, and special effects that hold up surprisingly well, the three films that were made were all considered successes in their own right. However, development on more installments of CS Lewis’ series had hit a rut, and time eventually ran out on Walden Media’s rights to the franchise. As the years went by it seemed like another Narnia The movie will never be made, but now, according to a report from Collider, it looks like it will Barbie exit Greta Gerwig Perhaps he’s stepping in to pick up the torch, with plans to make not one but two movies for the series with Netflix.

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the first The Chronicles of Narnia Film adaptation of the 1950 novel of the classic CS Lewis series The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeDirected by Andrew Adamson with Walt Disney Pictures. Starring young British actors William Moseley (the Royal family), Anna Popplewell (The nun 2), Georgie Henley (Sisters of the night), and Skander Keynes as the four Pevensie brothers, it also included the likes of Tilda Swinton (Asteroid City(as the White Witch, James McAvoy)my son(as Sir Tumnus the faun and Liam Neeson)retribution) lends his voice to the great lion Aslan. The first film shattered all expectations at the box office in 2005, grossing nearly $750 million and making it Walden Media’s most successful film of all time. It confidently paved the way for another installment based on Prince Caspian A novelization of the series, which was also directed by Adamson and premiered in 2008. However, with a much larger budget, it didn’t fare as well, grossing just over $400 million. Adamson cited inconsistencies with the writing, as the film’s tone veers away from the fantastical wonders of the first film that drew entire families to the theater.

The third movie is based on Lewis’ novel, Dawn trek, was taken over by Michael Apted at 20th Century Fox, after several production flops led Disney to throw in the towel on the franchise. The film saw both Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes reprise their roles as Lucy and Edmund Pevensie respectively, while he was joined by newcomer Will Poulter (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3) as Cousin Eustace Scrapp. Ben Barnes also returned as Prince Caspian, along with cameos from Tilda Swinton and Liam Neeson again as Aslan. The film debuted in theaters in 2010 and was again a moderate success, though it notably returned to its fantasy roots, appealing to younger audiences lost with Prince CaspianDarker story. Despite this positive turnaround, more problems would come as more were produced Narnia premiums.

The future of Narnia is finally freed from the wardrobe

The Walt Disney Company

after Dawn trekThere have been talks of adapting both The magician’s nephew And maybe The Silver Chair Novels on the big screen. However, when Walden Media’s rights to the CS Lewis novel series expired in late 2011, the future of Narnia In the movie it looked bleak. Little to no updates followed on any predictions, leading many to believe that the franchise has faded into memory, especially with the previous child actors growing up. However, now Netflix has stepped in to bring the Narnia Returning to its former glory, having secured the rights in 2018, with Greta Gerwig now officially on board to direct two of her planned films after being tapped as a potential competitor. Netflix has yet to say what these movies will be, or their overall plan for what their version will be Narniastory.

Whether they’re going to take on the massive task of completing a reboot of the entire seven book series from the ground up with all new actors, or if they’re going to focus on the four books that have never been adapted, the possibilities are now really open. Considering the typical size of a high-profile book-to-screen fairy tale, and the budget that comes with it, it will no doubt still be a while before projects start rolling out. However, it is a very optimistic future for a scientist Narniaand a chance for fans everywhere to experience it all again.


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