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Superheroes series Gotham Knights It has recently come to an end, as the Season 1 finale recently aired on The CW. The episode also serves as series The show’s finale, as it was announced before the episode Gotham Knights have been cancelled. While it’s possible the show could be picked up elsewhere, there’s no indication of that happening yet, and there’s a good chance the story won’t continue. And for some fans, this is such a big deal, that we won’t get to see more Misha Collins two sided.

In the show, Collins plays Harvey Dent, the district attorney of Gotham City. The excitement of his two-faced transformations was playing out throughout the season, with Harvey’s darker side coming out mentally, but it wasn’t until the very end when the process was complete. The moment occurs when Harvey lets go of his dangerous ego to attack Rebecca March, hoping to save his daughter Duela. Unfortunately for Harvey, Rebecca throws chemicals in his face, causing him to completely transform into Two-Face. It was a huge moment as the show has been building towards revelations all season long.

Now, fans of the show are saddened that Harvey’s full transformation into Two-Face will never be explored. Judging from some of the reactions on social media, it seems many fans thought Two-Face Collins had a lot of potential, wondering what would happen next for the character in season two. Gotham Knights Fans are very upset.

“I’m really sad we won’t see more of her Gotham Knightstake on Two-Face, he was really good in the limited scenes we saw and had a lot of potential. Could easily have seen him become better portrayed on screen with more seasons,” one of the tweets read.

Another fan boldly said this double-face is the absolute best, “Gotham Knights are AMAZING!! [Misha Collins] It is by far the best two-faced ever! Yes, you said it! It’s really sad that there won’t be a season 2.”

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Gotham Knights ends just as Two-Face arrives


Harvey Dent/Two-Face actor Misha Collins also spoke about his disappointment over the show ending so soon. When the show was axed before the finale, Collins took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the situation.

“I am so upset, and selfishly disappointed that I didn’t get to fully explore my ‘villain’ arc, but I’m proud of the show we’ve put together and so grateful to have been able to work with such an intelligent, caring, and good group of people,” the actor said. “I’m especially proud that our story about fighting the good fight has also given us opportunities to tell stories that are diverse and inclusive. We need more of that on screen, and while this story may not be moving forward, I really think it helped open that door a little wider for more. of characters from all backgrounds to shine.”

He added, “Thank you #BatBrats for your full support. The show may end, but I know this community will keep the light shining against the darkness in the real world. Forward!”

Time will tell if Gotham Knights They are saved, but things are not looking good. In the meantime, you can see more fan reactions to the banished show, along with Two-Face’s reveal below.


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