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a famous actress Gillian Anderson It’s come a long way, from chasing aliens to portraying the British Head of State, and now to the Wild West. According to a report from Variety, the next project on her docket will be her third Netflix project, a Western drama titled Displaced That would see her take on another compelling role. you will join game of thrones alum Lena Headeywhich was recently picked up to series.

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Displaced It is set as a masked Western drama series set in mid-nineteenth century Oregon, at the height of faith in the era of American expansionism. The show will follow “a group of diverse and estranged families” who live on the “margins of society”, not participating in the status quo. To protect their lands, they must band together to fend off corrupt figures who take whatever they will with excessive wealth and power, and seek to expel those who get in their way. These families will eventually have to amend the law and pursue their apparent destiny to preserve what is rightfully theirs. The series is directed by Kurt Sutter, who previously created the popular crime drama series Sons of Anarchy. Among the co-directors is Otto Bathurst (Poor disguise) and Stephen Surgic (the magician). They are also executive producers along with Sutter, Emmy Grinwis, and Denise Harkavy.

What do you expect from both Heidi and Anderson

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To date, only Gillian Anderson and Lena Headey have participated in the series. Anderson has been making a name for herself with Netflix lately, starring in the British comedy-drama series sex education (2019) as well as taking on the role of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the fourth season of the historical thriller drama. the crown (2020). Meanwhile, this will be Heidi’s first small-screen role since her announced stint as the demonic Cersei Lannister on HBO. game of thrones. She will play the character named Fiona, while Anderson is set to play Constance, who is described as a confident matriarch who values ​​power, wealth, and lineage above all else. As head of her family, she inherited and then doubled her husband’s fortune, something that would have been impossible in a period of “ingrained prejudice against women”. This could mean that she will be one of those powerful spoilers seeking to claim and settle the rest of America’s frontier. Nothing is known yet about Fiona’s personality.

There is currently no premiere date set for Displaced, but will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix. The official synopsis of the series can be read below.

The Abandons is set in 1850s Oregon and follows a group of diverse remote families in their pursuit of a manifest destiny. The series explores the corrupting force of wealth and power that covet their land and try to drive them out. These abandoned souls, the kind of wayward souls who live on the fringes of society, unite their tribes to form a family and fight. In this bloody process, “justice” extends beyond the boundaries of the law. The Abandon will explore the fine line between survival and the law, the consequences of violence, and the devastating power of secrets, as this family struggles to keep its territory.”


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