the first Bird box The movie had an interesting cast. Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, John MalkovichAnd and Machine Gun Kelly, to name a few, all of which helped create Netflix Bird box The huge success of 2018. Now, the newest addition to Bird box franchise, Birdbox: Barcelonaintroduces the audience to a completely new and equally fascinating cast.

Mario Casas (Three steps above heaven, the hidden guest) Lead Barcelonaalong with Georgina Campbellthe star of the horror movie of 2022 barbarian Beside Diego Calvawho recently starred alongside Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie in 2022 Babylon.

with Birdbox: Barcelona After its launch on July 14, MovieWeb recently caught up with Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva to discuss their roles in the upcoming Netflix original, and what drew them to the franchise in the first place. “I love the first movie as much as everyone else,” Campbell stated. “I love Sandra Bullock. She’s amazing. I got the script and I think the script was really great. And yeah, I wanted to be a part of it.”

Calva immediately expressed what drew him to the franchise:

I like to think of this as an event you know. When the first movie was released, we all, like all over the world, watched it. This is amazing. I hope this will happen with this.

Go to Bird Box Blind

Diego Calva has starred in some great projects. from last year Babylon to hit Netflix, Narcos spin off, Narcos: Mexico. However, unlike Georgina Campbell, Calva has never starred in a horror project before. When asked how his experience acting in a horror project differed from his time in other genres, Diego said: “It’s different, of course. And it was also my first time acting on a green screen. So I guess you have to use your imagination more for this kind of film.” .

Responding to Diego’s green screen comment, Georgina then moved on to talk about her acting experience alongside the green screen. “Yeah, it’s hard,” said Campbell. “You have to use your imagination a lot more. We were wearing blindfolds. So that was hard, too. It was a lot of not seeing what was going on.”

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the Bird box Perhaps the universe is synonymous with characters who wear blindfolds. The creatures that populate the franchise force individuals to kill themselves in a horribly brutal way. Therefore, in order to survive, those wandering in a post-apocalyptic world full of hell must cover their eyes so as not to see said creatures.

Campbell and Calva each spend the majority Birdbox: Barcelona With a blindfold covering their eyes, just like Sandra Bullock did in the first movie. Calfa smiled: “We can see a little.” “It wasn’t like, completely blind. But something as cool as noise. You know, when you don’t see the noise? You move your body differently, so you actually act differently.” Campbell continued, adding that there is a strange freedom in covering your eyes:

Yes, I think it’s hard. It’s different. But there is also a kind of freedom in covering your eyes. Like, you can’t really see anyone properly, and you’re kind of in your own little world. So there’s just something about that, it’s a little bit liberating. You don’t have people’s eyes on you.

Birdbox: Barcelona It is a Spanish-language film, however Georgina Campbell’s character spoke mostly English throughout, expanding on the characters and world-building Bird box resurrection. Diego Calva learned English for his role in Babylon. When asked if she had learned any Spanish for her role in Birdbox: BarcelonaCampbell replied, “No, I mean, I was playing an English character. So there wasn’t a lot of movement I needed to learn Spanish. I’m bad with languages, which isn’t surprising if you’re English. So no. I did my best.”

World of Birds Books


Hiding and showing the image Bird Box The creatures add a great level of fear and curiosity to the franchise, and on so many other aspects, keep bringing us back for more. Birdbox: Barcelona It delves a bit into the creature’s origins and appearance, but on a personal level. The film plays with the idea that individuals see different images, based on their traumas and beliefs. Some may see God, some may see an angel, some a stranger, and some may see a demon.

“Didn’t they release the sketches from the first sketch, and they were kind of like these little kids?” Campbell pondered what the creatures thought Bird box The world looks objectively. “It was really weird. I remember Sandra Bullock was, they promoted her and everyone said, It’s not scary. It’s definitely not. But I really don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it.”

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Diego Calva then went on to say that he thinks the creatures are “just light. Maybe they don’t have such a body. They’re more volatile all the time.”

Working with Directing Duo

Still image from Birdbox Barcelona

Birdbox: Barcelona It was led by two directors, brothers Alex and David Pastor. We’ve seen great directing pairs in the past, from the Maysles brothers to the Coen brothers. But neither Campbell nor Calva worked on a set or movie with two directors. “I really loved it,” Campbell stated of her experience working with pastors.

“The way they work together, you know, they’re brothers, and they know each other so well. They both seem to be on the same level all the time, so it made it easier to set up. Someone would be on off talking to the camera department, sorting out the tech stuff, and having That someone would be able to come and talk to us.It never felt like they were two different voices.

“They have different skills,” Calva said of working with pastors. “They know how to apply it. Well, there’s a really great team.”

Future projects of Diego Calva and Georgina Campbell

Diego Calva

Before ending the interview, the two actors quickly discussed their upcoming future projects. I just finished watching a movie, cold storageCampbell stated, “Which was really fun. And I’m about to move on to another movie called observers And it’s Ishana [Night] Shyamalan’s first feature film, so I’m really excited to continue with it.”

Calva then ended the interview, saying, “I just finished on Fast horses With Jacob Elordi and Daisy Edgar Jones, and I’m so excited about it. I think they’re like the cool kids in Hollywood, and they invited me to play with them.”

Netflix invites you to watch Birdbox: Barcelona Starting July 14th


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