As reported by Variety, Star Robert Englund He has achieved a lot of notable achievements during his long career in the entertainment industry. Over the years, Englund has starred in popular science fiction series, voiced video game characters, directed movies, and performed in a number of TV shows and movies.

However, according to the director, Englund is best known for playing the iconic horror character Freddy Krueger in eight of his films. A nightmare on Elm Street Movies and TV series. Upcoming documentary Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story (which will be released on June 6) examines the star’s experiences working in the industry.

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Englund stated, “I know who icons are. I’m not an icon. It might be Freddy Krueger, but I’m not. I’m just a character actor, a supporting actor who was very lucky.”

In addition to his humility towards playing his outrageous character, Englund’s early career moments also reveal some unexpected (and unforgettable) experiences. That includes reading to Han Solo in Star Wars and getting roommate Mark Hamill to audition for Luke Skywalker, and collecting leaves to help turn Pasadena, California, into a Midwestern Illinois street for Halloween.

Englund went on to get his big break playing Willie in the franchise series Alien V that aired from 1983-1985.

During a break from filming the alien series, Englund auditioned for Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, a role that saw Englund return again and again for sequel after sequel. The success of the franchise delighted Englund, who was happy to see the horror genre flourish.

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Robert Englund said, “Horror is cinematic punk rock in its own way”

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He said, “I felt like there was a cultural shift that people recognized. Horror is the punk rock of cinema in its own way. There was recognition of pulps as a great element in our cultural universe. There’s room for pulps and melodrama, and the door opened wider for horror.”

Englund’s final performance as the classic horror villain was Freddy vs. Less than a decade later, the character was recast in the 2010 remake of Elm Street, which saw Jackie Earle Haley tackle the role of Freddy. However, despite the backlash from horror fans, Englund has a lot of respect for Haley’s performance.

Englund said, “Jackie is very good, a great actor, so I don’t think he was. I always thought Freddy was labeled as a child killer. So when they made Freddy a child molester [in the remake], that’s not what Freddy is, I don’t think so. By taking it to a dark, dark place, there’s no room for Freddy’s character to be exploited.”

As for his thoughts on the future of the Elm Street franchise, Englund shared his thoughts on how Elm Street operates in the present day.

He said, “You have to grapple with technology and culture. For example, if one of the girls was an influencer, it would be interesting for Freddy to somehow haunt her subconscious and show himself, perhaps exploiting everyone who followed her.”

However, although Englund sees a way to continue the franchise, he has said his days portraying the character are over.

Englund said, “I’m too old and thick to play Freddy now. I can’t do fight scenes over and over again anymore, I’ve got a bad neck and a bad back and a sore right wrist. So I’d have to nail it, but I’d love to have a cameo.”

The star also reflected on who he might see taking on the role of Freddy, excited by a fan’s suggestion that Kevin Bacon tackle the role.

Englund said, “I know he respects the genre, and he’s a great physical actor. I think it’s in the silence and in the way Kevin moves — it’s going to be fun.”


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