Quentin Tarantino is a filmmaker who is well versed in the Western genre. He has verbally expressed this in many instances, but his love for these films is more than evident in the way he quotes it in his style of filmmaking with call-outs to some of the greatest films in the genre. His veneration eventually paid off when he finally made his first true Western Django Unchained in 2012, which was soon followed by another Western with The Hateful Eight in 2015.

where Django Received a lot of praise, some saw The Hateful Eight as the weakest film in Tarantino’s filmography, causing the film to be ignored in some circles. Not only The Hateful Eight Tarantino’s film is great, but it’s also a masterpiece of the Western genre that should be celebrated for its incredible artistic value. Here are five reasons why The Hateful Eight is one of the greatest westerns of all time.

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The perfect setting

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Many great movies are defined by their locations. These places in which the story takes place can determine who the characters are, how they will act, and many of the dramatic elements in any story. Westerns have always had iconic locations that play a huge role in the story, whether it be an untamed American wilderness or a humble town in the middle of nowhere.

location The Hateful Eight It couldn’t be more perfect for the story Tarantino tells. The film takes place entirely in a cabin in the Wyoming wilderness in the middle of a snowstorm that traps its visitors there, a simple but effective setting that brings out the tension in the story brilliantly. It’s a great example that sometimes simplicity is better than greatness, that one site can create more drama than most movies do with many.

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A colorful cast of characters

The Hateful Eight
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When it comes to writing memorable characters, Tarantino is one of the best. All of his films are filled with some of the most amazing performances in cinema history delivered by talented actors who bring Tarantino’s words to life. The Hateful Eight It continues in this trend, with the titular eight portrayed by eight fantastic actors.

in many ways, The hatred Eight may be Tarantino’s most actor-driven films, in terms of how the premise and setting don’t provide much room for cinematic flourishes. The audience is locked in a one-room cabin just like everyone else in the movie, so the cast must do their best to be nonstop captivating. Unsurprisingly, they deliver vibrant colors with not a single performance lag, making for a great viewing experience.

John Carpenter The Thing With The Cowboys

The Hateful Eight
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A great setting and an outstanding cast do a lot for the movie, but they’re nothing without a great premise. The Hateful Eight Certainly not lacking in category, with a premise reminiscent of an Agatha Christie novel. The film is about a bounty hunter who is transporting a dangerous female convict to be hanged but whose journey is delayed by a terrible snowstorm that locks him, his favor, and two acquaintances in a one-room cabin of four strangers who may or may not be part of her gang sent to free her.

This is a great premise that owes some credit to John Carpenter’s amazing movie thing. Carpenter’s film also depicts a group of people trapped in an enclosed space due to a blizzard, with circumstances that make either person a threat to the other’s survival. Tarantino turns this idea into an exciting spaghetti western, making it a wonderful and unique experience in its own right that will keep any type of viewer on edge, unsure of what comes next.

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Morricone: The Man Who Scored the West

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No Western is complete without a great score to heighten the emotion of the on-screen action. Tarantino got the best guy he could do The Hateful Eight With the legendary Ennio Morricone, one of the most celebrated film composers in cinema history. A man whose credits include great movies like The good, the bad and the ugly And Once upon a time in the Westproving that his talent has always elevated films to legendary status.

This partnership is even more interesting when considering that it’s Tarantino’s first dedicated collaboration with a composer on one of his films. The film director has a reputation for refusing to use a composer and instead choosing a variety of songs from pop culture and other films to serve as the music for his films. He was more than willing to change his ways with Morricone in this film, being his lifelong fan, and it paid off beautifully, even resulting in Morricone’s first and only Oscar win cementing their collaboration as a special moment for both of them.

Tarantino flavour

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When it comes to the many exceptional aspects of The Hateful Eight, all revealing that the film’s greatest strength is writer-director Quentin Tarantino. Everything that makes the film such a wonderful, original, and thoroughly referential experience is Tarantino’s personal touch on every bit of the story. It’s tense, hilarious, shocking, hyper-violent, and just plain fun.

No other director could ever make a movie the way Tarantino does, and every movie he shoots proves it. He loves cinema and is happy to make films, and audiences can feel that in every frame they see in one of his stories. The Hateful Eight It’s another great entry to his flawless film, and it just might be one of the best he’s ever done. It has to be considered one of the greatest Westerns ever because it is, and the world of cinema just got better with its existence.


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