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Filming in DC’s highly anticipated outing Batman part two Now delayed to 2024, it won’t go live in November as originally planned. As the Midgard Times report revealed, Batman Instead, the sequel won’t hit before cameras until March next year, with the delay likely caused by the writers’ ongoing strike. A strike in which both director and writer Matt Reeves and fellow writer Mattson Tomlin were directly involved. The couple was recently seen joining the picket line along with the rest of the WGA members, who are calling for better wages and working conditions.

Batman part two You’ll once again find Tenet star Robert Pattinson under his famous bonnet and cowl, and like its predecessor, shooting is set to take place in the UK. Fortunately, the delay isn’t likely to affect the comic book movie follow-up’s planned release date, currently scheduled for October 3, 2025.

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Directed by Matt Reeves2022 hit Batman It received high marks from critics and has sold over $770 million worldwide. The film tells the story of Bruce Wayne from a different angle, showing him investigating Gotham’s corruption and questioning his family’s involvement. Due to the film’s popularity, Warner Bros. confirmed the film’s popularity. Produce a sequel to the story and a few spin-off series.

Warner Bros. Discovery has a 10-year plan for the DC Universe, which should unite the brand. The news may sound exciting to fans, but it’s also true that the future of the franchise seemed hazy after the company began canceling projects in favor of its current strategy. Fortunately, in a new interview with Collider, Reeves confirmed that he works hard Batman 2. After jokingly discussing the status of the film, Reeves gave an accurate update on the progress of the upcoming sequel.

“We’re deep into it and my partner and I write, Mattson [Tomlin] And I’m writing, and it’s really exciting, and I’m really excited about what we’re doing.”

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DCU future

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Among DC Studio’s latest updates is the appointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran as film, TV, and video game story experts. While there have been no official announcements yet, the studio’s new co-chairs have already made some controversial decisions. In addition to canceling the following Wonder Woman Movie, Henry Cavill will no longer play Superman, and Jason Momoa will not return as Aquaman.

It’s great news that Matt Reeves has signed a multi-year contract with Warner Bros. Discovery, indicating that more of his stories will be released in the near future. During his recent Collider interview, Reeves spoke about his experience Batman And all the elements he was passionate about.

“I knew we were challenging the audience in this World’s Greatest Detective genre because it was going to be a very complex narrative and it turns out that they like that part of it that was one of the things that rehearsed the best. So that part was the cool thing to know is the audience would be really excited.” This version of the movie will only continue to get better as we continue testing.”

In addition, he noted that he is really excited to work with Robert Pattinson and called the actor “someone special.” Reeves’ statements give us comfort that Pattinson will likely return as Batman for the foreseeable future unless the company decides to take a different path.


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