Spoiler alert: Ted Lasso – Season 3Ted Lasso It finally came to an end. The Apple TV+ series premiered in August 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly became an instant favorite with audiences. The series followed Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an American college soccer coach who is brought in to coach an English soccer team. The series received rave reviews for its amazing cast of characters and positive, upbeat tone in an era defined by television’s anti-heroes. The series won back-to-back Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series.

However, unlike many series, Ted Lasso Fans have known the game was coming for a long time. Since the beginning of the second season, the cast and crew have said they had a three season long storyline. This story ended on May 31, 2023, nearly three years since it premiered. It also comes in a busy week like soap operas the lightAnd The wonderful Mrs. MaiselAnd SuccessionAnd Barry They also broadcast their series finales.

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Ted Lasso It is one of the most popular TV series on the air, so anticipation for the finale was high. It’s hard to say goodbye, and that’s part of what the series deals with, so here’s a breakdown Ted LassoThe final episode and what it means for the series.

Farewell a long time

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The final episode of the series, along with the cliffhanger ending of the previous episode, pretty much let the audience know that Ted was leaving AFC Richmond to go home to Kansas to be with his son. Several characters, especially Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), deny that Ted is actually leaving. This is a nice metaphor for the headspace the audience is in. You don’t want to let Ted Lasso, the character and the show go.

Ted’s unorthodox coaching methods have not only won over the players, but also the fans of the Richmond AFC, and the team is now on the verge of winning the championship title. Their final confrontation is against Manchester City, the team owned by Rebecca’s ex-husband Robert and the central antagonist of the series. Thanks to Ted’s education on and off the field, AFC Richmond managed to overtake Manchester City, winning a symbolic victory over the central opponent of the series.

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Although they did not win the Premier League Cup, they had come a long way from a struggling side in the first season before Ted’s arrival. Now the team is very profitable, Rebecca decides to sell a 49% stake in the team to the fans. She originally hated the team so much for her ex-husband that she wanted to destroy him, but now she loves him so much. Thanks to Ted, you want the fans to have a stake in it.

Ted and Coach Bird (Brendan Hunt) get on the plane, but Bird doesn’t want to go and instead wants to stay with his girlfriend Jane (Phoebe Walsh). As established in the previous episode, Beard feels a strong sense of loyalty to Ted for always being with him even when he had a serious drug problem. Ted tells Bird that he will not abandon him and tells him to stay, saying goodbye (and revealing that Bird’s first name is Willis). Ted returns to Kansas alone, and says goodbye to all the people he has met. Saying goodbye is hard, but the memories will always remain, and the impact of people has far-reaching effects that never go away.

flash forward

Ted Lasso Characters
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As Ted flies away, a montage begins, and the audience picks up on the lives of the various characters. Rebecca leaves the airport, having bought a ticket to see Ted, and reunites with the man she met in Amsterdam and his young daughter, with them later being introduced as a married couple, paying off the subplot that Rebecca will have a family. While audiences hoped she would either be with Ted or Sam, the series has fun playing along with that. The Ted/Rebecca ship was disturbed earlier in the episode, but it is soon revealed that he, Coach Bird, and Gene stayed the night because of a gas leak in their area. Meanwhile, Sam managed to make his dreams come true, opening his own successful restaurant while eventually playing for the Nigerian soccer team.

The central love triangle of Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), Keeley Jones (Juno Temple), and Jamie Tart (Phil Dunster) is resolved early in the episode. Kelly decides not to be with either man because they still have a lot to do. Kelly then appears on the speed show run by her successful company, KBPR, and suggests that Richmond start a women’s soccer team. Jimmy makes peace with his father, who is in rehab, and seeks help with his drinking problem.

Finally, Roy Kent was promoted to manager of AFC Richmond. He has also opened himself up more and now he has finally accepted not only being part of the Diamond Dogs club but also starting attending therapy with Dr Sharon (Sarah Niles), who is now the AFC Richmond Head of Mental Health. While fans may have been hoping for a happy romantic ending between one of the couples, the series shows that it’s their friendships with each other that help them grow into the people they need to be.

Nate (Nick Muhammad) gets along well with his family and is promoted to his old position alongside Roy and Coach Bird. Trent Cream’s (James Lance) book is published, though he accepts notes from Ted to change the title from lasso method to Richmond Road. As Ted said, it wasn’t just about him, which is also the thesis of the series. It may have been titled Ted Lasso but it was so much more than that.

Higgins (Jeremy Swift) has a big cookout with many of the Richmond players and their sweethearts. Finally, Coach Bird and Jane finally marry at Stonehenge, surrounded by several members of the Richmond Asian Club. It then cuts to Ted waking up on the plane. Ted returns to his son and begins coaching his school’s soccer team.

What does the end mean

Ted lasso season 3
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Ted’s awakening after the montage may indicate that all the audience saw was a dream. This may be what some viewers need to justify that everyone got a happy ending. However, revealing it all to be a dream is certainly a tricky narrative device that can be divisive, but Ted Lasso Also does not need it. Ted Lasso It has always been a positive and upbeat series, which is why audiences fell in love with it in the first place. He can afford to give his characters a happy ending because that’s what he’s been building all this time.

The argument could be made that Coach Beard’s scene is the most bizarre, especially since it’s weird that Ted wasn’t at Coach Beard’s wedding. However, the open nature of the ending leaves it open to viewer interpretation. This way, if Apple TV + wants to continue Ted Lasso With spin-off series focusing on specific characters, the choice is now open, and they can continue with a flash-forward or reveal that it was only in Ted’s imagination. But if they didn’t, audiences at least got a glimpse into the happy lives of the characters they’ve come to know and care for over 34 episodes.

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Cat Stevens’ final song selection the father and his son is a fitting final song. It is implied that Ted’s relationship with his son Henry has been a defining one throughout the series. However, the words take on multiple meanings. Ted plays the son in the song, knowing he has to go away. It was very much the father’s role, having helped his team grow into the great men he knew they could be. It’s a bittersweet song about moving on, and that’s definitely how the audience feels when they say their goodbyes Ted Lasso.

What was Ted Lasso all about?

Ted casts a lasso and characters touch the sign of sincerity
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What makes a series finale great is how it drives the overarching thesis of the series. Not only what is the story built on, but what is the message of the series? From the very beginning, Ted Laso said his goal was to make sure his players were the best version of themselves on and off the field. As shown throughout the entirety of Season 3, not only is the team much closer than they have been before, but various characters like Trent Crimm, Rebecca, Nate, Keeley, and Roy have grown thanks to Ted’s presence in their lives. Like Mary Poppins, Ted’s goal has been achieved, and it’s time for him to fly away.

However, Ted is not a character who hasn’t changed himself. As much as Ted changed everyone around him, the people he met at AFC Richmond had a profound impact on him. Ted is now more open about his feelings and seems comfortable letting people know when he’s upset. Like Dorothy V The Wizard of Oz, Ted returns to Kansas (as he said “there’s no place like home” earlier in the episode) as a changed person. When Roy asked earlier if people could change to be better, that was the question that was at the heart of the series. Higgins’ response is the overall mission statement. “Humans will never be perfect… The best we can do is keep asking for help and accepting it when you can. If you keep doing that, you will always get better”

Ted Lasso It was a series about how a community or team can change people. Nobody is alone in this. All one needs to do is ask for help, and if one puts kindness into the world, eventually it will return for as long as one believes.

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