Have you made it to the end of “The Night Agent,” the new thriller that’s gripping Netflix? Since its debut on the platform, on March 23, the Netflix series has managed to reach the top of the audience ratings. Now, with his 10 episodes at your disposal for a few days, We’re about to explain the season finale, in case any tangled plot details were overlooked.

    After meeting Peter, a young FBI night agent, and Rose, the niece of two spies who were murdered at the beginning of the season, we see how a series of hidden plots begin to unfold before them, and how they become a target. of two dangerous killers.

    but, How do the main characters end up? We’ll pause to explain the outcome of each one, and, in the same way, the story in general.

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    “The Night’s Agent”: Explanation of the Ending

    Who is behind all the disasters that we witnessed during the episodes? From the very beginning, with the attack on the subway in which Peter was traveling, Everything was tied up and it was the work of two men: Vice President Redfield and Mr. Wake.

    His goal from the beginning was to kill Umar Zadar, an enemy leader with whom President Travers plans to establish peaceful relations. The metro attack sought to blow up two entire blocks (where Zadar is located), and thus His killing looked like an accident. However, the plan is derailed by Peter’s interference, forcing them to reframe the situation.

    Night Agent Christopher Shire as Deputy Chief Redfield in Night Agent CR 110 episode Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

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    Rose’s uncles, aware of dark processes, are killed to prevent information from reaching the light. Due to Rose’s presence on the night of the crime, the young woman becomes a new target for the villains.

    Knowing both scenarios, the rest is easier to understand.

    basically, Both Peter and Rose were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Without them, the attack would have gone as planned and no one would have suspected anything. Likewise, Rose’s uncles would have died and no one would have done anything.

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    After a long investigation, the heroes reach Camp David, where the final attack will take place. In it, Omar Zadar and President Travers will be assassinated and Vice President Redfield will be appointed leader of the country.

    They manage to avoid the first explosion, and evacuate before the first bomb explodes. However, there is a plan B. The helicopter that the president planned to escape will also jump into the air. Peter sneaks in front of the security forces and prevents the car from taking off. Thanks to him, the President is saved and the Vice President is arrested.

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    ‘Night Agent’: How do Peter and Rose end up?

    After all his heroics, the protagonist achieves his goal and becomes a secret agent for the government of the United States of America. The Chief, to whom he owes an immeasurable favor, grants him this new position and reveals the information he is looking for on his father. Although publicly denounced as a traitor, the man was actually a double agent who died helping his country.

    thus, Peter, who has come to terms with his past, is able to embark on a journey into his future. His new mission? We still don’t know her…we’ll have to wait for a second season to find out her fate.

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    for his part, Rose tells Peter of her plans to return to California, where she will try to get her job back at the helm of a cybersecurity firm.. Now, having learned from yesterday’s mistakes, he set out to do things from a new perspective.

    The couple ends up separated, but with the intention of meeting again. Will they do that in the next installment?

    ‘Night Agent’: How do the bad guys end?

    Both Vice President Redfield and Chief Peter Farr are taken to prison permanently.. The first, which is to orchestrate all of the attacks that occurred in the season. The second, even without being the direct mastermind of the operation, is condemned for cooperating with their movements. According to her, in defense of her homeland.

    So, They were condemned as traitors to the state and made to pay for their atrocities. The only villain we’ve lost (and that makes us imagine the series is more than possible to continue) is Wick.

    Redfield’s partner is on the run, his whereabouts unknown. Perhaps the paths of our heroes will come together again to catch the criminal.

    Night Agent l to r hong chau as Diane Farr, Robert Patrick as Hawkins in Night Agent CR 102 episode Courtesy of Netflix © 2023


    Two of the most important characters in the series are A pair of killers who constantly haunt Peter and Rose. His role mainly focuses on harassing and blocking the tracks of the main characters. In addition, they are responsible for the death of Rose’s uncles.

    Dale is killed by Peter after a fistfight (Rose hits him nicely with a stick.) Eileen, the vivacious psychopath (everything must be said), She dies falling from a tower after Rose pushes her.

    Despite their attempts, our heroes prove to be stronger and more cunning.

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    ‘Night Agent’: How do Maddie and Chelsea end?

    to the end, The last plot we still have to solve was the story of the vice president’s daughter.

    After being kidnapped and released, she is taken to Camp David, where her father intends to protect her from attack by hiding her in his security hideout. However, the young woman refuses to give in to his plans and assures him that, should the explosion occur, she will tell the whole truth. Redfield, showing his ambitious and inhuman character, expelled her from the asylum and doomed her to death.

    Since this did not happen, Maddie testifies against her father and Peter. After a life controlled by his father’s chaperone, he is finally free.

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    Next to him we find ChelseaThe head of security guarding the girl. She was denied her job and played a pivotal role in saving the president. He is given a new position on Travers’ defense team.

    basically, The series ends with a happy ending for everyone. (Except for those who fell along the way…we couldn’t collect them all in this article, even if we wanted to…).

    If it weren’t for Wick’s unknown whereabouts, and for the new mission awaiting Peter, we might think the series had closed its doors. Fortunately, this does not appear to be the case. We’ll be sure to find out what news Netflix wants to share with its audience…

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