Twenty-five years ago, Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton set box office records with their human-versus-nature story. Cyclone (1996). With the recent ebb and flow of nostalgia releases run the gamut Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) To Top Gun: Maverick (2022) To The Matrix: Resurrections (2021), it’s no surprise that studios want to reintroduce this property concept to a new audience and build a franchise.

Let’s investigate the basic facts of Tornadoes (2024) while dismissing some of the more outlandish claims to have surfaced online.

what we know

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The question of the effectiveness of this second version long after the first version Cyclone asks to ask. While completely normal, the only formulas we can see through comparison are high satisfaction, lovable shapers, or mandatory revisiting of unenthusiastic and ultimately unsatisfactory IP.

The problem that fans have when faced with the return of beloved characters is whether the return was driven by for-profit studios or a real need from the creators to express new ideas.

A quarter-century later, not much is known about the plot, and while the writers’ strike continues, the studio is keeping details close to the box. What is known so far is that neither Bill Paxton nor Helen Hunt will return as Dr. Bill Harding and Dr. Joe Harding, respectively.

Fans thought this reeked of a reboot, but they were wrong. Steven Spielberg passed on executive production duties, possibly related to the plot that is rumored to be neither a remake nor a sequel. The producer, Frank Marshall, called it “a new chapter”. Perhaps this indicates a more science-oriented movie that focuses on levitation in severe weather, specifically tornadoes.

With a plot point released from Universal Pictures and Warners Bros. Which includes the daughter of Bill (Bill Paxton) and Joe (Helen Hunt), it’s hard to know what to expect from the film’s director Lee Isaac Chung, known for directing minari. will Tornadoes Isn’t it a remake, reboot, or sequel, but something in between?

Myths dispelled

Alan Ruck and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Twister (1996)
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Rumors of beloved and award-winning actor Philip Seymore-Hoffman via flashback or CGI, such as the return of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian, remain uncertain. But to be real, seeing the Oscar-winning actor reprise his role will likely result from deleted or alternate scenes spliced ​​from the original. Cyclone. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the use of CGI re-creation of actors, and the controversy surrounding the movie, if they do, might be too much.

Helen Hunt was not responsible for the plot. Although rumors indicated her input on the script, and she met with producers during the pandemic in June 2020 with an eye on casting Taye Diggs in a more diverse team-led role, she later revealed that the producers didn’t want her to. writing or direct.

Some gossippers have speculated that Universal Studios and Warner Bros. have been notified that copyright has expired. Tornadoes. this is not true. While certainly impressed by Paramount’s critical and commercial success Top Gun: Maverick Decades later, neither Universal nor Warner Bros. cares. sell the original film rights abroad and are not concerned about the original script’s copyright expiring.

What we do not know

The 1996 American epic tornado movie
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As the name suggests, one way to interpret Tornadoes It could be “Twister Squared” instead of Hurricane II. With a slew of natural disasters like the Canadian wildfires setting the stage and casting horrific shadows across New York and the upper northern United States, climate change has undoubtedly impacted and informed yet another launch decision. Cyclone film.

What this shows is that, unlike the original film’s hopeful ending Cycloneadvent horror crowd Tornadoes It could prove that we can’t predict where individual hurricanes could form and destroy livelihoods – climate change has made the situation impossible.

the original Cyclone Victorious doctor Bill Harding ends up traumatizing Dr. Joe Harding and successfully launches his data-gathering device, Dorothy, into an active hurricane to gather barometric and atmospheric information.

Without that triumph of Twisters launch, and without the return of the famous leads, fans could be caught up in a production that’s darker and more exciting than they previously expected. Like so many chaotic times we live in – time will tell.

Tornadoes Comes amidst the aforementioned wave of revisiting familiar fan areas such as Transformers: Rise of the Monsters (2023) or X is fast (2023), the latest installment in a decades-long franchise.

But instead of comparing Tornadoes To these egregious and overt attempts at money grabs by studios desperate to revitalize their intellectual property, perhaps Tornadoes It will surprise us like Top Gun: Maverick or Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) ACT – an inexplicable, unwanted but nonetheless enjoyable acquaintance from an old friend who may have a hidden message about the present world that we should all hear.


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