Nicholas Sparks It easily ranks among the most popular romance authors of the past decades, with books that have conquered audiences around the world and sold an estimated 115 million copies in more than 50 different languages. Fans of this author’s work know that each of his stories is an adventure that will have them engaging with the characters, admiring their love story, and even shedding a few tears along the way. And while his books feature fairly traditional characters and romantic relationships that haven’t changed much over the years, they’re still good enough to become New York Times bestsellers in no time.

Because Sparks has such a huge audience following him, every time one of his novels hits the silver screen, many people around the world rush to the nearest movie theater to watch it. Over the years, Sparks has published 23 romance novels and two non-fiction pieces. Of all his novels, 11 have been adapted to film starring some of the industry’s most popular stars.

Among his greatest adaptations to date is, of course, Diaries, which hit theaters in 2004 with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling leading the cast. However, despite the fact that screen adaptations of his romance novels have proven successful at the box office, most of them have not received positive reviews. That hasn’t stopped fans from eagerly awaiting Sparks’ latest novel to hit the silver screen, and after several years without updates on the matter, it may happen again in the near future.

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Sparks deal with Universal Pictures

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since Message in a bottle, starring Kevin Costner and Robin Wright, and hitting theaters in 1999, Sparks’ stories have taken over the silver screen every two years, allowing readers to connect with their favorite characters while, at the same time, making Sparks’ work even more popular. To date, the author’s latest novel to hit theaters is the choice, a 2016 film starring Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer that follows two neighbors who fall in love and embark on a messy relationship. In this Ross Katz movie, Nicholas Sparks also serves as a producer.

Six years after the release of his latest film adaptation, Sparks made headlines again after announcing his partnership with Universal Pictures and Anonymous Content to produce three films based on his novels that will be released in the next few years. According to Deadline, Sparks is clearly excited about the deal. “The author couldn’t ask for better producing partners than Anonymous Content, whose taste and history in award-winning film and television are unquestioned. Zack, David, and Don are as smart and sophisticated as they come,” he said. “Moreover, it has always been my dream to get my film adaptations at Universal Pictures – they really are the gold standard, and are known for their quality drama series of all kinds.”

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the wish

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The first movie to hit theaters from this partnership between Sparks and Universal Pictures will be based on his 2021 novel. the wish, the author’s second-to-last book. This love story is about Maggie Dawes, a teenager who is shipped off in 1996 to live with an aunt in the remote village of the Outer Banks. Although Maggie struggles with her new reality of living with someone she barely knows and far from her friends and family, this journey ends up turning her life upside down once she meets Bryce, a young man fascinated by photography who will change her future.

In 2019, 23 years after the trip that shaped her teenage years, Maggie is a celebrated travel photographer and gallery director in New York City facing a heartbreaking medical diagnosis. Under these circumstances, she begins to develop feelings for one of her young assistants, with whom she forms a special relationship.

Zack Hayden is set to produce this adaptation via Anonymous Content, and Sparks’ literary agent, Teresa Park, will also be involved. However, it remains unclear who will complete the cast for this production, which actors will join the cast and when it is expected to premiere.

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Additional novels that could make it to the silver screen

the lucky one
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Until now, the wish It’s the only novel confirmed to be getting a movie adaptation, and there’s no word on which of Sparks’ books will be picked up for the other two movies under the Universal Pictures deal. However, there is speculation that it may be two of the author’s latest novels, back And Dream land.

The former was released in September 2020 and follows Trevor Benson, a surgeon who is forced to return to his hometown after an accident in Afghanistan leaves him critically injured. While settling into an old cabin he inherited from his late grandfather, Trevor meets two women who are about to remake his life: a sheriff’s deputy in whom he develops a romantic interest, and a teenage girl with whom he appears to have an affair. the death of his grandfather.

On the other side, Dream land Sparks’ latest book to date, it follows Colby, Morgan, and Beverly, three characters with very different backgrounds whose paths interconnect as they discuss how much they’re willing to risk in order to pursue their dreams and put the past behind them.


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