One of the most decorated actresses of her generation, Jodie Foster I did everything. She has received numerous Academy Awards for her performances in films, as well as several BAFTAs and Golden Globe Awards. Foster’s upbringing includes an eclectic set of experiences: She attended a bilingual school in French, which allowed her to star in French films later in life and would attend Yale University for a degree in African-American literature. But her entertainment career began when she was just three years old, appearing in a commercial for Coppertone sunscreen.

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Although she debuted in Disney content, Foster has managed to carve a path and make a distinguished name for herself in the industry. When Martin Scorsese cast her in his movie taxi driverIt completely changed the course of her career even though the role made her uncomfortable. Then it showed up Bugsy Malone, which solidified her as an actress to watch in the future. Foster has enjoyed a prolific career since the 1970s, but she’s also branched out constantly with the kind of work she does. She has directed and produced films later in her career. These are the best of those movies.

10 baby dance

egg pictures

released in 1998, baby dance It’s directed by Gene Anderson, but Foster was one of the producers who helped make the movie happen. The movie is about a poor woman named Wanda Levov. She lives in Louisiana in a trailer with her four children and a husband who is currently without a job.

When Wanda looked at the newspaper one day, she saw a Los Angeles couple looking to adopt a child, specifically a newborn. Wanda is pregnant and sees this as one of her only options, as another child would make the family situation worse. Together with the couple, they go through the ups and downs that come with the process of giving up a child.

9 fascinated by

fascinated by
RKO Pictures

Although Foster was still quite new to her career at this point, she was an associate producer on the film. fascinated by. Directed by Michael Laughlin, Foster stars as Victoria Thompson. She is a New Zealand orphan who, after turning eighteen, ends up marrying a much older man for money.

Their relationship is complicated at first, and they end up playing games with each other, but throughout the movie, things start to escalate even more. It’s playing a game where you hypnotize him and feed him poison, which could end in disastrous results if you don’t end up being careful about where this goes.

8 Revive the dead

Revive the dead
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Based on the Scott Spencer novel of the same name, Revive the dead Foster’s name is among the executive producers. Released in 2000, the film stars Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly as two people who have been engaged to each other over 10 years. They meet in the seventies, and the boy has political ideals that he wants to implement. The girl is deeply religious as a Catholic, and dreams of helping the poor. The film moves between periods chronologically, as the film begins with the girl, Sarah, dying in a car bomb and the boy never recovering from that news.

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7 Holiday home

Holiday home
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Foster directed the 1995 movie Holiday home, which starred Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr. and many more in its ensemble cast. The film’s reception wasn’t the best, and it barely even broke at the box office.

The movie opens with Claudia Larson getting ready to fly home to her family in Baltimore for Thanksgiving, having just quit her job. Claudia, who is a single mother, must not only deal with her problems in Chicago, but also the collective problems of her family. Anarchic and realistic, Home for the Holidays has become a cult classic over the years.

6 Little Man Tate

Little Man Tate
Columbia Pictures

Little Man Tate It came out in 1991, and was Foster’s directorial debut. In a screenplay written by Scott Frank, Little Man Tate The movie revolves around Didi Tate, a woman raising her seven-year-old child and trying to survive her circumstances. Her son, Fred, appears in auditions to be a genius, but because of this, he is unable to relate to people his age. When a psychologist who runs a school for the gifted learns of Fred’s situation, she asks if Fred will attend the school. Reluctantly, Dede eventually offers him the chance to go there, and it will completely change his life for the better.

5 Nile

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Foster starred in Nile, but she was also a producer on the film. Directed by Michael Apted, the movie was a huge hit when it first came out, the acting was great, and at the box office, the movie managed to gross over a hundred million dollars.

After a woman is found dead in an isolated North Carolina cabin, the local doctor discovers a woman living with her in the house. She doesn’t speak English but seems to have invented her own language. As it turned out, this is the woman’s daughter. While the doctor tries to help her, they discover the truth about this girl and her language, as well as the trauma caused by the nature of her birth, as her mother was raped and became pregnant because of it.

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4 Beaver

Jennifer Lawrence in The Beaver
Summit Entertainment

Starring Foster, Mel Gibson, Anton Yelchin, and Jennifer Lawrence. Beaver It came out in 2011 after premiering at the SXSW Film Festival. Mel Gibson is Walter Black, a man who owns a company on the brink of bankruptcy. He is depressed, and his wife decides to kick him out of their home, exacerbating his mental health problems and lack of control.

After attempting suicide, he ends up creating an alter ego with a hand puppet he discovered in the trash and decides to present himself to the world through this alter ego. He speaks through the doll, which is a beaver, and ends up helping him with his issues, especially with his family members.

3 The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

The dangerous life of altar boys

A comedy-drama that appeared in the first decade of the twenty-first century. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Includes Foster’s name among its producers. During the 1970s, in Savannah, Georgia, Francis Doyle attends a private Catholic school with his best friend despite not wanting to go there. They decide to create a comic book together to vent and let their feelings out, but when a girl becomes part of the group, it shakes their foundations to the core. Francis hangs out with her constantly, and as their relationship progresses, he begins to neglect the other boys he once considered his best friends.

Although it is not one of the best films when it comes to cinema, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys It has a lot of heart, especially considering that it’s based on Chris Foreman’s account of his life.

2 Money monster

Money monster
Tristar Pictures

Foster directed the 2016 movie Money monster, which starred George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Clooney portrays the TV financial expert who runs a show called Money Monster, and right before that show airs, there is a major market crash. The CEO of the company in question was supposed to attend but is cancelled, and in the middle of the show an armed man appears. his motive? He took a tip from the show and lost his savings, and now he wants revenge. The situation looks dire as he puts an explosive vest on the financier, and the police realize one of the only options might be to shoot him before it’s too late for everyone.

1 the brave

Jodie Foster in The Brave One (2007)
Pictures Warner Bros

Foster not only starred in the brave, but she was also one of the executive producers of the film. It’s Erica, who is walking with her fiancé in Central Park one day when they are attacked by three men. Her fiancé died because of it, and her ring and dog were stolen by the men. Erica is left traumatized and ends up buying a gun on the black market due to her fear that such a thing could happen again.

One would assume she would be fine at this point, but while at the bodega a man shoots a cashier to death and Erica is forced to make up her mind about her new gun. She is no longer afraid at this point – she is ready to hunt down those who cause crime in the city.


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