During an exclusive chat with PEOPLE, star Emily Blunt Talk about photography Oppenheimer with Matt Damon She noticed that filming the sexy movie with her actor was like being at a summer ‘camp’. While speaking with the outlet on Monday (before hosting the American Stuttering Institute’s 17th Annual Benefit Gala), A quiet place The actress revealed that actress Damon is also her neighbor.

Plant said, “Matt Damon and I go back years. Matt lives in our building, actually, so we hung out a lot.”

She added, “It was like being in a camp! We were in the middle of the Mexican desert in some hotel in the middle of nowhere, and we were all making this amazing movie.”

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Oppenheimer is a biopic that follows scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy), the man known for leading the Manhattan Project and often credited with creating the atomic bomb. In the film, Blunt portrays Oppenheimer’s wife, Kitty Oppenheimer, and Damon plays Leslie Groves, a first lieutenant and US Army Corps of Engineers officer. The film also stars Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Rami Malek, Kenneth Branagh, and Josh Hartnett.

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Emily Blunt said she and costar Cillian Murphy are “thick as thieves”

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While considering working with Poor disguise star, Blunt remarked, “Killian and I are a lot like thieves because we’ve worked together before [on A Quiet Place Part II] And I adore him. We have great confidence between us. So I spent most of the time with Cillian.”

Regarding the movie, Blunt added, “You’re going to love it. It’s incredible, this movie. I’m so excited.”

Blunt then revealed what motivated her to play Kitty, saying, “She’s a big character. She’s kind of a killer. She didn’t fit into the ’50s housewife ideal. We love non-conformists. And she was his confidant and fiery and brilliant. Smart and troubled. Not an easy person.” So I guess I saw her because she was such a challenging person; it was quite a challenge for me to take her as a character.”

While speaking with PEOPLE, the The devil wears Prada The star also talked about AIS support. Blunt previously spoke about how her grandfather, uncle and cousin stuttered and revealed that she also noticed she had one when she was six or seven.

Plant said, “It’s a moving organization. They approach this disability with their arms open, and they’re all about self-compassion and encouragement for people. Because it’s a disability that makes people shrink and makes them turn in and away. So the reason is just to free people’s voices. And then you’re changing people’s lives because I I think if people feel trapped by a disability, they don’t represent who they are.”

She finished with, “So it keeps me coming back because they’re the most amazing, warm people. They’re my people. I get them. I’ve been to them. So it’s really a treat.”

Oppenheimer Hits theaters July 21st.


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