Boy meets world It ran successfully on ABC for seven seasons, following the childhood-turned-teenage years and young adulthood of Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter, and Topanga Lawrence. The show proved that storylines can evolve and progress with characters, such as Boy meets world It moved from behind a story about middle school students to telling more adult storylines as the main characters reached their mid-to-late teens. While the themes of the show depend on Mr. Feeney relating history to the main characters it remains the same, Boy meets world Not the same show in the last season as it was when it started. But did the audience determine if that was a good or bad thing? A Rotten Tomatoes audience score reveals how viewers felt about how the series handled growing up.

Boy meets world He made a series of adjustments as the show went on, from Eric’s drastic personality change to match the comedic tone of the show to Cory’s inclination toward a more rambunctious youngster than the angst-ridden teenager. Shaun’s character suffers after being hit by family issues, poverty, and constant relationship problems. Meanwhile, over time, the addition of new characters has helped round out and expand the growing cast.

7 Season 3 – 86%

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Although the seeds of Cory and Topanga’s growing romance were embedded in the show as early as season one, this was the year things really started. The beginnings of Topanga and Cory’s back-to-back love story begin again here, in a season that highlights the onset of maturity. Season 3 understands that everyone is getting older and starting to figure things out. While they’re not quite there yet, Season 3 is taking its time to set up a slightly older foundation for what’s to come.

6 Season 2 – 87%

Boy Meets World Season 2 Alan, Cory, and Eric
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Starting high school is a big step for Cory and Shawn, but it’s also the beginning of a slightly different take on the show and some of its characters. Mr. Finney is promoted to high school along with his students and sets Mr. Finney’s standards for being a teacher and principal for each year of the fair. Topanga Returns portrays a student who is still smart, but without the hippie elements she portrayed in the first season. Despite the disappearance of Stuart Minkus, the show makes room for exploring Topanga’s growth in more depth.

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5 Season 1 – 89%

Boy Meets World Season 1 Cory and Topanga
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Season 1 puts a more youthful approach to the show as it focuses on Cory and Sean finding their way in the world where the series itself is striving to find a foothold. Cory and Sean have more than one boyfriend who never appears again. Topanga is portrayed as a hippie, which allows her to feel different from the class’s resident obnoxious genius, Stuart Minkus. Mr. Feeny’s dual role as teacher and Korean next-door neighbor presents a more complex look at their relationship. The first season spends a lot of time on the set up, and while a lot of it ends up paying off, other parts get pushed aside as the series finds a steady path moving forward.

4 Season 5 – 92%

Boy Meets World Season 5 Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Angela
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The season introducing Jack and Angela helps send the series into its more mature phase. Cory and Topanga hit a serious snag in their relationship after Cory meets Lauren at a ski lodge, but the season ends with a marriage proposal. while Boy meets world Always understanding how to balance comedy and drama, Season 5 is a huge boost for both of them. Sean finally faces a serious relationship with Angela and the struggles that come from getting to know his long estranged brother, Jack. Season 5 is also known for its Halloween-themed horror movie parody episode, as Shawn struggles to deal with the fallout from Cory and Topanga’s breakup.

3 Season 6 – 92%

Boy Meets World Season 6 Topanga, Cory, and Shawn
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The first year of college is always a bummer, but Season 6 also finds an opportunity to add the final member of the group, Rachel, to the main story. Season 6 highlights the more adult aspects of the show, since everyone is officially out of high school. While, somehow, Mr. Feeny manages to become a college professor as well, the show also discusses the dangers of different teaching methods and how some of these methods should be red flagged due to their inappropriate nature. Season 6 acknowledges that while they may not be mature adults with years of experience, they are no longer children.

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2 Season 7 – 92%

Boy Meets World Season 7 Sean, Topanga, and Corey
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The final season is the culmination of everything the show has been going towards. Cory and Topanga finally marry and spend the final season adjusting to their roles as husband and wife. Shawn and Angela face some ultimate relationship hurdles in their reunion, but their final decision to separate for good leaves Shawn with reasons to follow Cory and Topanga to New York. Even “War” discusses intimate relationships with the group of friends, and how Rachel became the only single in a group of friends, siblings, and lifelong romantic relationships.

While the rest of the group tries to calm Rachel’s fears after Eric calls them out, Rachel is the only group member who never appears in the group. Girl meets worldeven if Eric referred to him as being a friend of hers, it could still indicate that Rachel’s concerns weren’t entirely inaccurate. Boy meets world It was a nostalgic, comical, and utterly emotional finale that saw Cory, Topanga, Sean, and Eric leave Philadelphia for a new adventure, where the final scene with Mr. Vinny in the classroom started it all.

1 Season 4 – 93%

Boy Meets World Season 4 Cory and Sean
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Season 4 is the beginning of Eric’s transformation from ambitious guy to cool big brother to the messy, eccentric he later becomes. But, while Season 4 is full of laughs, it also includes notable emotional episodes, such as “Dangerous Secret” which highlights chilling suggestions of child abuse, and “Chick Like Me” which forces Shawn to understand the realities of sexual harassment. towards girls, and how listening to a girl is an important way to respect her wishes on a date, rather than thinking about his next move.


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