The relationship between Dwayne Johnson and the The Fast and the Furious The franchise seems to have been completely overhauled. After appearing in the finale X is fastthe latest installment in the franchise that begins the road to the end, the actor will return to play Luke Hobbs in another surprise project.

In 2019, The Rock starred with Jason Statham in the first installment of the saga, Hobbes and Shaw, which is planned to launch a new cinematic universe separate from the main story, with a new cast that would feature them as leads and include other big stars like Chris Rock and Ryan Reynolds. But the project didn’t go through and it looks like it won’t, at least for the time being.

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But the story of the former fighter in the epic did not end there, as everyone had imagined. Surprisingly, Johnson returns for one of the final scenes of X is fastBecause the story is directly related to the 2011 movie in which his character first appeared, quick five.

Now, Variety confirms that after anticipating his eventual return in that brief appearance, Hobbs will return for the rest of the story and won’t just be in the eleventh installment of the saga.

The Rock’s new standalone project for the Fast & Furious saga

Universal Pictures

The outlet confirms that Universal Pictures is already very far ahead with the project, being written by one of the screenwriters who has already worked on the franchise, Chris Morgan who also wrote Hobbes and Shaw film. At the moment, the movie has no title and no plot details have been revealed.

However, the article explains that it may be a story that connects the events between them quick five And X is fast. This would make sense, as it would be a way of explaining what Hobbes’ character was like outside of his relationship with Toretto and his family all those years ago, after the events of Hobbes and Shaw.

If the movie serves as a prequel to X is fastIt could also show some of what Dante Reyes, Jason Momoa’s character and current main villain of the franchise, has done since losing his father in the fifth film and how he plots revenge against Toretto and Hobbes himself.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if this movie includes Momoa or if he gets his own solo movie, because the character has been one of the things fans and critics enjoyed most about the latest installment.

Vin Diesel recently revealed that after wrapping up the main story, he will be actively working with the studio on developing new projects related to the franchise such as the already announced movie starring all the heroines. this means Hobbes and Shaw They may still get back together in the future.

For now, fans can expect a new movie starring The Rock to come out soon, and Quick X: Part Two In 2025. The third part, which could mean the final end to the main saga, has not yet been scheduled.


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