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Adele Lim Joy Ride Follows the story of Asian adoptee Audrey (Ashley Park) who heads to China to find her mother. Enlisting the help of three friends, Lulu, Didi, and Cat (portrayed by Cherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu, and Sabrina Wu, respectively), the four embark on what turns out to be a journey of bonding, friendship, belonging, and wilderness. immorality.

Joy RideLim’s movie garnered a lot of praise ahead of its theatrical release, but one critic recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the movie. LCJReviews called the film “awkward” and “unpleasant” adding “Like most modern adult ‘comedies’, it’s risqué to be raunchy, forgetting that humor has to be attached, and none of that. It fleshes out men, and it’s aimed at white people. All Shock value, “look at me” attitude. Lim responded to the review, but chose to respond comically rather than get defensive, writing: “Emma needs ‘makeup men, targeting white people’ on a T-shirt.”

Joy Ride It made its world premiere at SXSW on Friday, March 17th, and currently boasts an impressive 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviewers often praised the film’s laughter in the uproarious moments and the chemistry and performances of its cast. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Lim discussed how the group worked so well together and how they all managed to get their moments to shine, calling this a “testament” to the “amazing cast and the real, authentic chemistry they have together.”

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Ken Jeong praises the fun ride


Apart from the overwhelmingly positive reviews from the critics, the movie also garnered praise from famous fans. Remnants Star Ken Jeong, who knows a thing or two about comedy buddies, also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the movie: “This movie is everything to me. I couldn’t stop laughing, I couldn’t stop crying. Just a masterpiece from start to finish.”

Joy Ride is Lim’s directorial debut, but her previous work includes writing for films Crazy Rich Asians And Raya and the last dragon. Joy Ride formulated Cherry Chevapravatdumrong (Family man) and Teresa Hsiao (Okofina is Nora from Queens). Lim, Chevapravatdumrong, and Hsiao serve as the film’s producers, along with Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Josh Fagen. The movie stars Ashley Park (Emily in Paris), Cherry Cola (Good problem), Stephanie Hsu (Everything everywhere at once), and Sabrina Wu, in her feature film debut. Joy Ride It also features Desmond Chiam (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Alexander Hodge (black lighting) and Chris Pang (Crazy Rich Asians).

Joy Ride Critics have always called it “vulgar”. No hard feelings, led by Jennifer Lawrence, has also been billed in this capacity. The latter, which premiered on June 23, recently became the highest-grossing comedy of the decade, and some believe that No hard feelings And Joy Ride It may mark the beginning of the comeback of smutty comedy.

Joy Ride Hits theaters Friday, July 7th.


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