Mads Mikkelsen He has an impressive list of credits to his name, but despite being an experienced actor starring alongside Harrison Ford Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny And the sense of the franchise’s incredible spectacle made him struggle to control the fan within him. After appearing with many amazing actors, Mikkelsen recently revealed, according to Delivery time That there are certain times when you just have to wear a “fanboy hat” and there’s no way to avoid it. He said:

“There’s no way around it. You wear a fanboy hat at first, but you have to take it off and start doing what you’re being asked to do which is bring this character to life. But you’re pinching yourself a little bit.”

Of course, this is something many actors have experienced when working with movie legend Harrison Ford. When it came to playing the antagonist in Ford’s Indy movie, Mikkelsen made it clear that being the bad guy in Indiana Jones didn’t require delving into the character’s backstory. He said:

“If we were making a different kind of movie and diving into the darkness of what this ideology means to the world, it would be a completely different approach. This is obviously an Indiana Jones movie, and they [the baddies] Is there a purpose. It’s easy to read. They’re the bad guys for a reason.”

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Mads Mikkelsen wants to take on zombies in a movie

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After finishing work now Destiny asked, the question of what Mads Mikkelsen would like to do next has gained what many may find a surprising answer. It seems that after time traveling with Indiana Jones, the actor wants to have a ravenous zombie horde hunting him down in an upcoming movie.

“I love zombies. I don’t know why. I’ve watched a lot of movies since I was a kid, and it’s always been amazing. There’s just something interesting about an enemy moving so slowly that you can actually imagine yourself in that universe and walk away from them and still get the thrill of the chase.” .Except for World War Z, where they are fast zombies.”

He spent much of his career playing bad guys, incl Casino Royale Le Chiffre and Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets And of course Hannibal Lecter in the TV adaptation of Thomas Harris’ various Lecter novels, it would be interesting to see Mikkelsen play a role as someone trapped in a zombie apocalypse. However, chances are he’ll end up playing the questionable scientist who started the whole thing.

Zombie movies have always been crowd pleasers, so there’s no doubt that there will be a new zombie-based movie somewhere for Mikkelsen to jump on board. At the moment he has several films in various stages of production including Bastarden, Black Kaiser, Dust Bunny And Billion dollar spy.

You can catch Mikkelsen in the villain’s mode Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny In theaters now.


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