with Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune: Part Two Set to finally hit theaters later this fall, fans of the sci-fi epic have been speculating how the director plans to flesh out the full story of Paul Atreides On the big screen, just as he prepares for war against the Harkonnens and the Emperor, with the desert planet Arrakis as his battlefield. While there are many books included in Frank Herbert Dune A series that expands upon a seemingly infinite amount of lore, Villeneuve has remained focused on telling the biggest story that still hugely affects countless worlds beyond Arrakis. To do this, according to a report from Collider, he confirmed that his Dune The adaptation will actually be a trilogy, with the third and final film drawing from Herbert’s novel, Dune: Messiah.

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Villeneuve is no stranger to creating great cinematic sci-fi features, having done so before Access (2016) and Blade Runner: 2049 (2017), both of which have won numerous awards, including Academy Awards. He first introduced audiences to the amazing world of Herbert with his modern adaptation titled Dune: Part One (2021), the beginning of the story of a young man, Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) who finds himself inexplicably drawn to the planet Arrakis, and experiences more and more visions that foretell an unprecedented war across the universe with him as the catalyst. The movie lays the perfect foundation with just enough lore and politics to prove the rift between House Harkonnen and House Atreides, which ends tragically with the greed-driven Harkonnens ambushing the Atreides on the Arrakis and wiping out their powerful bloodline forever, except for Paul who escapes the bloodbath. Driven by anger and fear, Paul’s visions become more vivid and dangerous, leading him to seek out the original Fremen and embrace his fate and revenge.

The second movie, which will premiere in theaters in just a few months, will see Paul fully integrating with the Fremen while also developing feelings for Chani (Zendaya). He still fears his visions, claiming that they “all lead to terror”, and fears the absolute control he will have. However, he shows more references to Stilgar (Javier Bardem) and the other natives as indeed the “Kwisatz Haderach” from a centuries-old prophecy, destined to free Arrakis, and eventually become a messianic leader capable of influencing the entire population. , through thick and thin. This is what would lead to the third Villeneuve film, which it would derive itself from Dune: Messiah a novel.

Villeneuve wants a treble, but he doesn’t have the go-ahead yet

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Director Villeneuve has officially confirmed his adaptation is set to be a trilogy, and his collaborator Jon Spaihts will return to co-write the screenplay with him. While this will certainly thrill fans of the movies and books, Warner Bros. has yet to sign off on the possibility. The first film was released in the middle of the pandemic, when theaters were just beginning to reopen across the US and the return to relative normalcy was still in the works. Despite this, the film showed credible promise with an impressive box office against a fairly large production budget, and subsequently swept the Academy Awards in 2022 with a staggering ten nominations and six wins. This convinced Warner Bros. to allow Villeneuve to continue Dune epic with his second movie, which judging by the trailers will certainly be of a greater scope than the first. However, again, the possibility of a third film completing the trilogy would depend entirely on the film’s performance Dune: Part Two.

Despite a loyal fan base and success thus far, it seems WB studio executives remain wary, perhaps since Dune It’s considered relatively unconventional by mainstream science fiction standards, compared to franchises like star Wars (Ironically, Herbert Dune was a direct influence on the creation of Lucas). However, as Paul Atreides struggles to avert galactic catastrophe, it certainly seems so Dune: Part Two It shows more than enough lucrative promise to make Villenueve’s full vision a reality. He also has a spin-off series with HBO in the works called Dune: Sisterswhich will chronicle the formation and rise of the mysterious and powerful sect known as the Bene Gesserit.

Dune: Part Two It hits theaters November 3. Check out the latest trailer below.


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