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Deadpool 3 It’s official, which of course means more social media posts from Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to celebrate. The pair have been teasing an upcoming MCU movie for months since they first announced that the Merc with a Mouth would return to screens and bring Wolverine with him. It’s not fair to say that the movie is one of the most anticipated coming to the Marvel Universe in the next few years and perhaps one of the few that has the potential to disappoint fans.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in a state of flux lately, with movies being delayed, scripts being rewritten, and some projects being completely scrapped from schedules. up to this point, Deadpool 3 It seems to have run smoothly, and now that filming has begun, fans of both Reynolds’ character and Jackman’s Wolverine can see some early glimpses from the set photos to further fuel hype around the movie.

The Mirror has some great photos of Reynolds dresses up as Deadpool himself, totally destroying a car. While Reynolds risks being entrapped in metal vehicular debris, Hugh Jackman eats a cake with mushrooms and a kind of marinara that disgusts his legions of fans.

Of course, there’s still a long wait for the movie to be released, meaning there’s also plenty of time for speculation about who else could be appearing in the movie and what its plot will entail. One thing for sure is that Deadpool 3 It will be an all-out R-rated adventure that could be one of the biggest the MCU has seen in the past few years.

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Where does Wolverine fit in the MCU?

Twentieth Century Fox

While there will be a new Wolverine coming to the MCU at some point in the future, all the attention right now is on the surprise return of Hugh Jackman as one of the most iconic movie characters ever produced by a Marvel movie. However, fans expecting to see the same old Wolverine might be in for a surprise, because according to Ryan Reynolds, this isn’t the same Wolverine we’ve seen before and we’ll see something different with the character this time around.

Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight Canada:

“We’ve wanted this for decades… It’s a strangely perfect time. I’ve never stopped.” [trying to get him to come back as Wolverine]. I’ve only been biting him like a mosquito for the past several years. I believe in timing, as much as hard work and luck and all those intersections that are meant to meet. Timing is the most important. I thought he was ready. I think he was excited. And what we gave him was enough of a difference from the character he knew and the character he left behind, that it gave him something completely new to play and something he was really excited to do.”

Deadpool 3 It’s unlike anything else Marvel Studios has put out as part of its interconnected franchise, mainly thanks to its R-rating. Whether this will be the first step to a more mature branch of the MCU is unclear, but it certainly seems like a possibility and it’s long overdue.


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