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Jennifer Garner sai will pick up after nearly 20 years in Deadpool 3. The next The Merc with a Mouth seems to be creating a multiverse of madness, drawing on the best films like the most recent Dr. Strange sequel, the light and even Sony Pictures’ spider verse. It seems that he does not want to exclude anyone.

Following rumors that Ben Affleck will have a cameo role in the Shawn Levy-directed film playing his version of Daredevil, The Hollywood Reporter has now reported that Jennifer Garner will also return as her titular character from the Marvel Comics universe.

Garner first appeared as Elektra Natchios in 2003 opposite her ex-husband Affleck in the Mark Steven Johnson film, whose reception has sparked different opinions over the years. In 2005, the actress returned to wearing the Elektra suit in her solo movie, but it didn’t make the expected impact either.

Recently, fans got to see another version of the character in Netflix The Defenders universe, with Elodie Yung playing Elektra alongside Charlie Cox’s recklessalso being one of the central characters in crossovers teamed with Cox’s Champion Jessica JonesAnd Luke Cage And Iron fist.

Young recently worked with Ryan Reynolds on the first entry in The killer’s bodyguard, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he also appears in the movie. Same for Charlie Cox, as he is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has been involved in some projects such as Spider-Man: No way home And Strong woman While preparing to act in Daredevil: Born Again.

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Does Deadpool 3 make fun of multiverse movies?

Marvel Studios

Since the first film, Reynolds’ Wade Wilson has made use of the character’s signature sense of humor to make jokes about the different versions of the characters and sagas built into the superhero universe.

Indeed, in Deadpool 2some of the hottest newer stars X-Men The film series had a very brief cameo inside Charles Xavier’s mansion. Despite the specifics of the plot Deadpool 3 Not yet revealed, everything seems to point to the Merc with a Mouth taking possession of his friend Cable’s time travel device and using it, he catches the attention of TVA.

To avoid being punished, Wade makes a deal with them to help them on a mission that will take him across the multiverse to different realities, crossing paths with different versions of Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman, and different actors and actresses from different parts of the world. X-Men Epics throughout history and who knows what kind of superhero stars are.

With time travel movies so popular and the idea of ​​multiverses now, it’s no surprise that Reynolds decided to implement this kind of story into film, but take it to a whole new level, including all kinds of unexpected and crazy cameos to surprise the audience.

Deadpool 3 Arriving in theaters on May 3, 2024, it also stars Karan Soni, Morena Baccarin, Leslie Uggams, Briana Hildebrand, Rob Delaney, Emma Korine, and Matthew Macfadyen.


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