Fans have been casting far and wide for the work that could play Superman in the upcoming DCU movie Superman’s legacy. There wasn’t much speculation about who would play Lois Lane, but either way the truth is finally out and we now know that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan will be the latest stars to portray the comic couple. However, the internet is losing its mind over discovering that a Twitter user actually predicted both genres in 2020, years before James Gunn’s DCU was even a plan.

There are many people on social media who would have a good attempt at predicting broadcast news, some with a bit of insider knowledge and most on the back of nothing more than idle speculation. While David Corenswet’s pick has been on many radars in the past couple of months, Twitter user @KunaliB He went one step further to predict the exact cast of the new DCU movie.

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Naturally, at that time, the prediction had absolutely nothing to do with it Superman: Legacy, as James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU plans were still a few years away. Instead, fans’ choice was the then-unnamed Superman reboot, which they wanted to see tied into the world of Matt Reeves. Batman. However, even this small detail does not detract from the fact that social media has now declared KunaliB a modern prophet and promptly asked them to predict other upcoming castings such as Batman and even James Bond. You can check out some of the responses below.

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Can David Korensweet compete with Henry Cavill as Superman?

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For now, the simple answer to that is no, at least in the eyes of many Cavill fans. The events surrounding Henry Cavill’s final appearance as Superman Black Adam, and the subsequent abandonment of that potential storyline, left many feeling upset that they wouldn’t see Cavill get another chance at Superman in the future. The official announcement of who will replace him saw many Cavill fans remain steadfast in their belief that Corenswet will never be able to surpass the “greatest” Superman.

Of course, this kind of reaction is nothing new, as this has become a common theme in the world of comic book reboots and remakes. From Batman, through Joker, to Spider-Man and more, all fans have their favorite actors in certain roles and won’t be seen as deviating from their chosen path. Well, at least not until the newest iteration has had a chance to shine and sometimes exceed all the expectations they have.

We still have a while to wait for David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnaham to make their screen debut, as Superman’s legacy It’s currently not expected to premiere until 2025. With a writer’s strike and a potential actor’s strike up in the air, that date could be pushed back further. That will give Superman fans plenty of time to prepare for a new Man of Steel to live up to.


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