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Whale Helmet Darren Aronofsky He announced that he is directing Postcard from Earth, an immersive experience at the Sphere in Las Vegas described as a “first production of its kind”. Arnovsky Postcard from Earth It’ll make the most of 22nd century Sphere technology, which includes “the world’s highest resolution LED screen, the world’s most advanced concert sound system, and atmospheric elements like wind and scent — to transport audiences to places both real and imagined.” It will allow those who participate to travel the world in an exciting way, with stops on every continent, without having to leave Las Vegas.

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“I see Sphere as a great opportunity to rip people out of the heart of Vegas with all its man-made madness and immerse them as deeply as possible in the wonder, awe, and beauty of the natural world,” Aronofsky, creator, director and producer Postcard from Earthhe said in a statement. “Postcard from Earth It is a sci-fi journey deep into our future as our descendants contemplate our common home.”

He continued, “At its best, cinema is an immersive medium that transports audiences from their ordinary lives, whether that be fantasy and escapism, another place and time, or the personal experience of another person’s immersion.”

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Aronofsky also talked about what it was like working on a project that used new technology. While this differs from his more traditional feature films, such as black Swan And wrestlerAronofsky says he still has the same end goal, though he also admits he’s amazed at how far the film industry has come. Postcard from Earth.

“Every day we get out the camera,” he says, “we’re getting better at getting the best shots we can. It’s a learning process because the technology is new. And it’s the same with publication. Presenting a film the size of half a petabyte—that’s 500,000 gigabytes—using more than 160,000 speakers is mind-boggling. for the mind.”

He added, “But honestly, every movie is always a learning experience. You’re always in the process of discovering the language of the movie and discovering the story using the tools you have at hand. Here it’s about how to make the beauty and fragility of our planet look as strong as possible. The tools may be a little different in this movie, But the task is the same.

Postcard from Earth Not quite a movie and not quite a documentary; In some ways, it is partially both. This makes the story not exactly fall into any specific genre, and the focus was primarily on immersing the audience.

Postcard The director says it actually has narrative elements as well as documentary ones. “We designed it to be as effective as possible to get the message we wanted to get across in an emotional way, so it’s not about the genre it’s about the audience experience.”

Postcard from Earth Coming to Sphere in Las Vegas starting in October. Tickets can be purchased currently on the official Sphere website.


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