After a short appearance in Spider-Man: No way home And Strong womanand a possible role in sound echoCharlie Cox reckless He’ll be getting his own series in the MCU next year. titled Daredevil: Born Againthe show will introduce a new story of The Man Without Fear following its successful run on Netflix.

However, after what was shown the character of Tatiana Maslany led She-Hulk: Attorney at LawSome fans are concerned about how different the new series will be from Red N, which was one of the most popular productions. of the superhero genre on the small screen, even considered by many to be the best.

And it seems fans aren’t the only ones who have doubts about what Marvel Studios will do with the character. In an interview with the former Ikuzo Unscripted podcast reckless Stuntman Chris Brewster gave his thoughts on the way the studio is handling the character and the differences with Netflix:

“I think that, now that the MCU has taken over the character, I think they’re really hurting her. If you watch She-Hulk, they turn Daredevil into a caricature. Everything is animated and looks bad. You know, I like CG to enhance the real action, but if it’s not You have any real movement, it just becomes animation. It’s just CG, it has no weight. And what always made the action on Daredevil good was that it was visceral. You could feel what Charlie was feeling, between his performance and him being there, in motion. And anything you saw We really did it. We had to put someone on a wire, we needed something to enhance the action. But it wasn’t a cartoon. It was live action. And it’s never going to match the energy that live action has. So, I think She-Hulk was a big move To step aside in relation to movement and action.”

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Marvel Studios Mistake With Daredevil According to Chris Brewster

Marvel Television

In the interview, Brewster revealed another reason why he believes the MCU isn’t making things right reckless:

“They really, really, don’t want it to be like Marvel Netflix Daredevil. So, nobody who worked on the original series, other than the actors who bring them back, is coming back. And I mean, there were just some really cool things that worked on that show and I think they really add up to To the magic of that show. And I think Marvel is making a huge mistake, but what are you going to do?”

There is no doubt that success reckless And The Defenders universe, despite the fact that some shows like Iron fist received quite a bit of criticism, had something to do with the team behind them.

However, another great point in favor of this version of Man Without Fear is the interpretation of Cox and the villain played by Vincent D’Onofrio, both of whom will be part of this new story, which can really offer some quality assurance.

And while it’s true that the tone Marvel Studios uses for its stories is very different from the one used by Netflix, other projects like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or recently released Secret invasion Proving that they can also tell darker, more mature stories.

In addition, new characters will soon be arriving in the MCU, who will continue to contribute to the idea of ​​expanding their audience and the range of ages they target, such as Deadpool 3 or codeAnd Daredevil: Born Again can go along with those stories.


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