The WGA strike continues its sixth consecutive week of sit-ins and demonstrations across the country, which have shut down numerous film and television productions from the East Coast to the West Coast. While some only paused filming for a day or two, others literally turned off the lights until the strike ended amicably. Now, according to a report from Deadline, they’re counting themselves among the latter two more big productions to be excited to see. Both Disney + Daredevil: Born Again and HBO’s penguin They hit the pause button on their shooting schedules due to ongoing pickups at both locations, and will now not resume until the WGA strike is officially over.

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Daredevil: Born Again is one of the latest upcoming series projects from Marvel slated to feature on Disney+, and is set as an 18-episode continuation to the original film franchise and in a similar fashion as the Netflix special. reckless The show spanned 3 seasons. This new project is directed by Matt Corman and Chris Ord, and stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock himself. Other actors include Vincent D’Onofrio as crime boss ‘Kingpin’, aka Wilson Fisk and Jon Bernthal reprising his role once again as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Production on the show managed to hit the three-month mark in its planned eight-month schedule, but with the WGA repeatedly contesting the Silvercup East piece, most recently two days earlier on 12 June, it was decided that suspension was of course the best until the strike was resolved.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t much better for director Matt Reeves Batman Popup series penguin, in which Colin Farrell reprises his role as the mafia villain of the same name. WGA East pickups have also been used on location during production a few times, and now filming has stopped there as well until things stabilize.

Writer protests are happening all over the world today

The effect of this particular WGA strike has done its part very effectively to attract both local and international interest, to the point of nearly 20 shows now being staged in many major cities across the world. One of them is happening right now in central London with at least 200 protesters filling Leicester Square, many from the WGGB union who are emphatically voicing their opposition to, some say, even worse working conditions faced by writers in the UK. Many other protests are taking place around the world in locations such as the international headquarters of Netflix in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Seoul, South Korea, both Apple and Amazon HQs in Canada, a rally at the Eiffel Tower in France, and the Tel Aviv Central Library in Israel. , and much more. The strike is heard and felt in every corner of the world, increasing the likelihood that some kind of change will inevitably happen, and hopefully for the better.


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