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The controversial “Blackface” slogan in film and television has come under intense scrutiny in recent years. Some of these criticisms have been retrospective, including Jimmy Fallon being criticized for his performance as Blackface in one of his productions. Saturday Night Live sketches. Other comedy shows that have featured scenes of Blackface have also had entire episodes pulled from airing, including 30 rockAnd It’s always sunny in PhiladelphiaAnd scrubs, among others. Do not forget , Dan Aykroyd Also introduced in Blackface for a scene in the 1983 comedy commercial places.

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In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Aykroyd reflected on his own Blackface scene in the movie, which recently passed its 40th anniversary. In the scene in question, Aykroyd’s character is dousing Blackface along with fake dreadlocks while speaking in a Caribbean accent. Commenting on how times have changed, Aykroyd recalls how the scene never posed an issue on the site or with the public back in 1983. He said:

“I was in Blackface in that movie, and I probably can’t get rid of him now. Eddie and I were improvising there. Eddie is a black man and his entourage is all black, and I don’t think they aroused any interest. Then there was no objection. Nobody said anything. It was Just a good comic pacing that was true to the story.”

While the scene wasn’t controversial for Aykroyd at the time, the actor also admits that Blackface scenes are now unacceptable to moviegoers. With that in mind, he can’t imagine himself doing another Blackface scene today. the Ghostbusters The star points out that it goes a lot further than that, noting that accent alone could be something that could get the actor into trouble in 2023.

“I probably wouldn’t choose to do the part of Blackface, and I wouldn’t be allowed to do it. I probably wouldn’t be allowed to have a Jamaican accent or whiteface or blackface. In the days we live in, whatever’s out the window. I’d be hard-pressed to speak with an English accent and get away with it.” Punishment They’ll say, “Oh, you’re not English, you can’t do that.”

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Dan Aykroyd reflects on his co-stars

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Directed by John Landis, commercial places It stars Aykroyd as a rich middleman alongside Eddie Murphy as a poor street hustler who decides to trade lives with each other to see how well each can fare in very different circumstances. Jamie Lee Curtis was also memorably involved as a prostitute who helps Aykroyd’s character. Aykroyd recalls working with Murphy early in his A-list career, while also noting how he has remained close to Curtis over the past four decades.

“[Eddie] He was just beginning to develop his comedic talent and comedic voice. Seeing and being a part of emerging talent like that has been part of the history of film. Jamie Lee Curtis and I also became good friends, and we remain to this day.”

Back in 2019, Murphy and Curtis also reunited at the Toronto International Film Festival. Footage of their reunion has been posted online to the delight of fans of the classic comedy.


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