“Cruelty is something quite natural in an infantile character; in fact, the inhibition according to which the impulse to seize before the pain of another, the capacity for sympathy, develops relatively late” Freud reflected in his “Three Essays on Sexual Theory” (1905), as if trying to create A great cultural pretext for the many films dealing with the evilness of children, almost always associated with the erotic awakening (and therefore associated with the works of Carroll, Bataille or Cocteau), from then to the present day. From “The Bad Seed” (LeRoy, 1956) to “The Other” (Mulligan, 1972). From Wolfe Rilla and John Carpenter (City of the Damned) to Stephen King (Children of the Atom). Without detracting from Damien’s title or such cult titles as “The Girl” (1977) or “Deadly Embrace” (1980), even more recent works such as “The Good Son” (1993), “The Orphan” (2009) or “The Son” (2019). The same universal cruelty that fuels this Brilliant, unexpectedly solid and, at the same time, refreshing first feature from short film director Rubin Steinalthough its quintessentially Spanish character gives it some peculiarities in form and content.

    These crazy little guys

    The director puts his picture A macabre story rich in black humor of Pata Negra, In the era of this country’s development of all demons. Here religion (as a force inhibiting the sex drive, going back to Freud) and nostalgia play a major role. ´Tin & Tina´ would then connect with an ambiguous title like “The Face of Death” (Alfred Soule, 1976), which is also an original source for “La Nina de la Commune” (Víctor García, 2022). . In the field of memory, the shadow of Narciso Ibáñez Sarador is evident, not only the author of the immortal “Who Can Kill a Child?” (1976) but also the most famous author and television, the person responsible for the “History of the Paragraph”. No sleep”, “My favorite hills” and even “One, two, three, I answer again”, which function in the film as Tricks of intergenerational complicity. By stripping his reference so much, there will be those who blame the director for joining the Paco Plaza club, especially Club Conto de Navidade (2005) and ´Eronica´ (2017), when Stein showed himself above all as a continuator. Of his own mark, interested in the most disturbing historical memory. However, the similarities are clear. Away from the shadow of the great Chicho (who would have enjoyed this movie, a lot), Teresa Rabal’s presence would work here like Ana Torrent’s presence in Verónica´, Enrique and Ana’s Super Disco Chino´ as Héroes del silencio hits, Centella’s location in ´Verónica´, Estopa and Vainica Doble in La abuela´ (2021) or ´Yes, Sir, I can boogie´ by Baccara in the aforementioned ´Cuento de Navidad´. But Ibáñez Srador isn’t the only Spanish director in the horror genre that the film pays tribute to; He also likes to see himself in the work of the grieving and recently deceased Eugenio Martin. There is the very dark story of motherhood in That House in the Suburbs (1980) and, of course, the hilarious A Candle for the Devil (1973): there is nothing to envy the title of Tin and Tina. Maidens are played by Aurora Bautista and Esperanza Roy in that dusty masterpiece of the original horror, with its obsession with doing evil in the name of good (and the canonical symbols of the genre according to the sacred verses of Deepest Spain).

    We, what is less, accept an exordium as well contrived as it is gracefully cooked, of which it is necessary to highlight the astonishing presence of Melina Smit who debuted with flying colors in The School of Scream Queens. The movie, which is equal parts hilarious and disturbing in its first half, only loses some steam in a drawn-out finale that falls into anticlimactic effect several times over.: social message about Mind manipulation Jaime Llorente’s heavily tic-bound character in TV’s Angel Christ doesn’t quite match the tone, and the shot of the pre-closing sequence errs on the side of showmanship. gag In any case: Fun guaranteed.

    For fans of the best perverted and pure humor/horror

    Best: Milena Smit and a couple of little angels.

    The worst: Sometimes he takes himself too seriously.

    data sheet

    Title: Robin Stein distribution: Milena Smit, Jaime Llorente, Carlos González Morollon, Anastasia Ashimina. nation: Spain year: 2023 release date: 31-3-2023 sex: Horror film script: Robin Stein Duration: 119 minutes

    summary: When Lola loses the children she was expecting, she also loses her faith in God. Hoping to win her back, she and her husband Adolfo go to a nunnery where they meet Tin and Tina, two angelic seven-year-old brothers to whom Lola feels strangely drawn.



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