The year 2022 has seen the collapse of the “perfect” image of technology that CEOs have tried desperately to develop since they set out to move fast and break things nearly 20 years ago. Far from the beacons of hope the world assumed, billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos are more apt as the authors of our inevitable demise. They are representatives of a hyper-capitalist society that prioritizes profit above all else, including human lives.

Prime Video Consulate He takes this allegorical Mephistopheles and realizes it in its titular character, an odd business advisor named Regus Patoff. Throughout the series’ eight episodes, the Chancellor demonstrates his demonic capacity for evil in the name of good work. He fires employees without mercy, imposes strict rules on those he still has, and plays mind games with them to create a hyper-competitive and toxic workplace. the offer It’s clearly inspired by the ruthlessness and ruthlessness of tech giants, which is built up by contextualizing the story through the lens of horror.

despite of ConsulateThe end of the show explained a little bit about what’s really going on at CompWare, and those mysteries sparked many of the show’s creepiest moments. Here are our favourites, in order.

10 forcing Ian to take a shower

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The consultant starts wreaking havoc on the CompWare office as soon as he arrives. Like other CEOs before him, Patov has begun by eliminating the company’s remote workforce — by giving them exactly one hour to get to the office before terminating them. Later, in a shocking disregard for personal boundaries and public morality, Batov lines up his staff to bash her. He has noticed a scent from somewhere and is determined to find the original, finally focusing on meek employee Ian.

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Batov fires Ian, but Elaine manages to convince the counselor that he deserves a second chance. The catch – Ian has to get rid of the scent then and there. In a moment of sheer humiliation, the employee strips down in his office and dabs his entire body with a sponge to remove the stink. It is a ruthless display of Batov’s power and control that shows early on that the chancellor always gets what he wants.

9 Inducing violence level 316

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With quick thinking and creativity, the team was able to launch a new game in a matter of weeks, but that also required cutting some corners. Right before the game was released, Elaine interviewed a few play testers Mr. Sang in Jungle Odyssey. Everyone is injured in some way, after becoming violent when the game’s final level proves to be nearly impossible. Their anger is evident through Elaine’s laptop screen, and given that the show implies that video games cause violence in the real world, you can’t help but wonder what these people might come up with and do next.

The scariest part of it all, though, is Patov’s reaction to Elaine’s concerns — the game has to show, and not everyone has violent outbursts (there’s no word on how far these players are in the game). What Patoff and CompWare are concerned about is the game’s launch, bugs and all, despite the damage it will do; What’s a little more when the company is already dead and rotting.

8 Discover the records room

Counselor Records Room
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“Every company I’ve ever consulted has a records room,” Patov explains to Elaine when he brings up her personnel file. In it, he finds every little detail about her life – relationships, living arrangements, etc. Determined to discover the origin of the file, Elaine asks where the CompWare recordings room is, only to be told that they don’t have one. So, when Elaine discovers the hidden room among the company’s many servers, it leaves her and us with even more questions. Inside she finds a typewriter and several filing cabinets containing the detailed personnel files of each of the CompWare employees.

The room itself is just creepy for its existence, considering it didn’t exist before Batov’s arrival. Creepier still is the fact that all of his employees’ lives are exposed between the pages of a manila envelope. Whenever he needs to, Batov can and will use this information against them.

7 Craig returns to the Sky Bar

Nat Wolff in The Consultant TV series
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Consulate It has many twists and turns in its eight episodes that generate far more questions than answers. After Craig has a wild night out with Patov, he returns to retrieve clothes he left behind at the exclusive club on the tenth floor where they were drinking. Something seems off about the place from the night before, and Craig discovers why when he knocks his head through the doors leading into the club.

What he finds, instead, is a simple, medium-sized office filled with several desks and computers—almost impossible to drastically transform a room in such a short period of time. It’s further evidence that Batov is apparently able to shape reality according to his will and a blunt reminder that nothing he says can be trusted.

6 Co-workers are fighting wildly for the new office

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As president, Regus Patoff seems entirely more interested in sowing chaos at CompWare than in saving the company from financial ruin. Case in point: the moment he introduces a recently vacated administrative wing in The Office. Instead of choosing someone for the venue based on their performance, Batov invites the employees to find out among themselves. After weeks of enduring Batoff’s bizarre office culture, the people of CompWare are going hard.

What ensues is not a thoughtful discussion or even a bit of friendly competition; Instead, employees who want the office race to it with the winner locking themselves inside. Later, Elaine watches as two others drag the woman off the ward so another employee can get her. Before she can even attempt to intervene, two other employees – the ones who expressed sympathy for Ian in the first episode – harshly warn Eileen to “mind her own business”. The whole affair is a sign of how easily CompWare can turn into a toxic workplace thanks to Batov’s intervention.

5 Batov makes sure Sang is always there

Counselor 3
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Despite his odd behavior and generally harsh office mandates, Batov insists he is not the boss. CompWare is still Mr. Sang-Batov’s company just a consultant. He does his best to make the point, going so far as to rename Craig’s new game from Jungle Upskirt to Mr. Sang in Jungle Odyssey. But the most bizarre way Batov reminds CompWare of the Sang is undoubtedly when he brings in a nude statue of the founder that’s reminiscent of Michelangelo’s David. Perched atop the company’s main staircase, the life-size statue stands above the desk and greets everyone who walks through CompWare’s front door.

The statue is a chilling reminder of the legacy he sang to Compwire employees, and it fulfills the promises of Patov’s contract with the deceased CEO. To protect the people’s view of him and his company, Sang needed to project the image of a fierce and powerful leader—something made much easier in death. Batov’s statue is an idealized version of Sang that commemorates him while simultaneously sweeping his failures under the rug.

4 Sang meets Batov

Chancellor sang
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Elaine and Craig’s first order of business when it comes to discovering Batov’s identity is to discover how he got Sang to sign to CompWare in the first place. By analyzing the hidden camera footage, Elaine finds the recording of Patov’s visit to the Sang; In less than 14 minutes, she and Craig watched as their boss signed his life away. The video ends with Sang, who Elaine confirms is asexual, giving Patov oral sex while the counselor stares into the supposedly hidden camera.

It’s scary when we see that whole conversation. Batov arrives at CompWare knowing not only of dire financial straits, but also of Sang’s suicidal thoughts about the situation—there’s no way he should know these things, and yet he does. Batov offers Sang a way to fix CompWare and secure his legacy, the only price being the CEO’s life. Frightened and unsure, Sang signs the contract. When he expresses his inability to kill himself to fulfill his part of the bargain, Batov offers to make arrangements for him in exchange for a “small administrative fee”, or the oral rape seen earlier.

3 Florez recounts his worst project

Chancellor Craig & Florez
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When Craig finds Frank Florez, the jeweler tells him his story of how he met Regus Patoff. Years ago, Florez was contacted by a doctor to make a piece of solid gold to exact specifications. The doctor offered Florez a large sum, and the right to work for a goldsmith. Satisfied with the quality of the first piece, doctors continued to come to Frank’s jewelry store for larger, more elaborate pieces.

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The business took all of Flores’ effort and so much gold, that he cleared his entire shop. Unable to get any more from his suppliers and desperate to finish the job, Florez and his wife sacrifice their gold wedding rings to make the last bone. Despite the money he got, Frank loses in this situation. His wife has left, and the bustling Pomona neighborhood that housed his store has become desolate and barren. Flores made a deal with the devil without knowing it, all in the name of making good money.

2 Craig’s terrible night out

- The Counselor - The Night Club
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Nothing is worse than having an intruder insert himself into a fun night out; That is unless he is your boss. After Patov invites himself in for drinks after working with Craig, he takes his employee to a new location for the second round. Craig tries to back out, but Patov insists, and soon the two arrive at a luxurious, exclusive nightclub. There, Batov introduces Craig to a woman, Melanie, with a prosthetic leg, arm, and jaw. The three conversation, Melanie leaves, and the two men set off to fulfill a “promise to a friend” made by Batov.

They get into their car and then a bound and gagged person is thrown into the back seat. Craig is right to freak out, even more so when Patov points out that the person in the back is the little boy who killed Sang. When the moment is right, Craig takes the opportunity to free the boy, only to discover instead that he is Melanie. The woman cryptically tells Craig to “find Frank Florez” before hitting the streets of Long Beach. Craig’s wild night was a test, and Batov tells him that the evening proves that this employee is not as trustworthy as he had hoped.

1 Kill Sang

The Counselor with Nat Wolff and Brittany O'Grady
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Consulate It begins innocently enough with a group of school kids on a field trip to visit CompWare. All seems well as the kids gleefully watch the company that made so many of their favorite mobile games, so it’s no big deal that Elaine leaves them momentarily with Sang in his office. As she and Craig discuss Sang’s lesser-paying personality, they are interrupted by several gunshots from the executive suite. The two rush off to find one of the students, a young boy named Tokio, pointing the fouling weapon at Sang’s bullet-riddled corpse. He slowly turns to Craig and Elaine, saying only “I want my mom.”

The opening presents audiences with the first major question which is Consulate: Why did you kill Tokyo Sang and who gave him the gun? Child killer aside, the main creep factor from this moment comes from the mystique of it all, the implication that anyone can be a killer and that you might not know until it’s too late.


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