As reported by Deadline, wonderwheelAnd Carrie Fisher The last film before her death, it is finally released after a “perilous” seven-year journey. Fisher passed away in late 2016, just weeks after filming the fantasy film had finished. In addition to the late star Wars icon, wonderwheel Also featuring Rita Ora, Nell Tiger Free, Sebastian Croft, and Kiera Milward.

The outlet notes that Vertical has purchased rights in North America and the UK/Ire wonderwheel, a family movie about coming of age. The debut of Vilad Marsavín is expected to get a limited theatrical release in the US (courtesy of AMC), followed by a digital release beginning June 23, 2023.

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Speaking of the long-delayed release, Marsavin said, “The journey we took as directors with this film was as fraught as that of the film itself. It took us seven years from shooting to screen. The visual effects on a film of this magnitude takes time, but we had challenges.” The Covid shutdown and of course the passing of the wonderful Carrie Fisher. Now is the perfect time to share her magical moments on screen as Hazel.”

Marsavin stated that the film’s delay was the result of visual effect problems that occurred after the film was shot wonderwheel cabbage.

The manager told the outlet that wonderwheel It will include a dedication to Fisher, stating that her death was a “huge shock” to him and the rest of the team.

Fisher died four days after suffering a medical emergency during a flight from London to Los Angeles.

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Wonderwell director Vlad Marsavin said Carrie Fisher “was full of energy during the shoot.”

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Marsavin said, “Carrie was full of energy during the shoot and even celebrated her 60th birthday with us in Italy where we shot the movie. After the night shoot which lasted till 2am she invited the whole team to celebrate with her and the party ended up being shut down by the police because it was so loud A bit. Her death was very emotional for the whole team.”

Before her death, Fisher finished filming Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. Unused Fisher footage from The Force Awakens It has been used before Celestial Rise The visual effects team to bring the actor back for it Episode nine.

“Working alongside Carrie Fisher was one of those experiences you’ll never forget,” said costar Aura Fisher. “I can’t wait for the world to see this fascinating and intriguing world.” wonderwheel. “

wonderwheel The film is set between present-day Italy and a fantasy world and follows Violet (played by Millward), a girl who lives in Italy with her parents and older sister Savannah (played by Tiger Free). After wandering through the woods, Violet encounters Hazel (played by Fisher), who leads her to a mysterious portal.

The film is produced by Fred Ross, Alexander Ross, Vlad Marsavin, Orian Williams, Lee Rudnicki, and Robert Bernacci.

Rudnicki previously blogged that watching Fisher’s “heartbreaking” final scene left him in tears.

called Tony Bentedosi, senior vice president of acquisitions at Vertical wonderwheel “A whimsical story with captivating visuals, the film truly transports the viewer to another world. Newcomer Keira Millward holds her own with legends Carrie and Rita captivating in their roles. It’s a film that will appeal to consumers of all ages.”

Deadline indicated that the acquisition transaction wonderwheel It was negotiated by Piantedosi, Marsavin, and executive producer William Sharp (the main financier of the project) and Sebastien Twardoch of Savant Artists.


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