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It’s been 14 years since Pixar left us in tears with Carl’s Story higherone of the studio’s saddest films as well as one of the most colorful and ridiculous adventures in its entire history.

Now, Carl will be back on screen to conquer audiences again, but with a classic Pixar short called Carl’s Date, which released its first trailer announcing its debut alongside an item Release, the studio’s next movie to hit the big screen:

In the 2009 film, Carl is a grumpy old man who refuses to leave his home, which he has lived in most of his life and where his wife died years earlier. But the house is now downtown, with dozens of new buildings and facilities around it.

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A company is looking to build there and they offer to buy the house from him, which Carl refuses but they manage to get an eviction order. Unable to avoid being kicked out, Carl decides to tie thousands of balloons to his house so he can fly away and head to South America, something he had dreamed of doing with his wife.

However, when he leaves, he discovers that Russell, the Boy Scout who always showed up at his house, accidentally ends up traveling with him and they end up having an amazing and unexpected adventure together that will change their lives forever. Especially Carl.

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What is Carl’s history?

Walt Disney Studios

In this new chapter in Carl’s life, after his remarkable journey and rediscovering the meaning of life, he is ready to give love another chance and will have his first date since his wife’s death.

Fortunately, the short film features the voice of the original actor behind Carl, Ed Asner who sadly passed away in 2021 but was able to record before then. Originally, the short film was going to be a part of Digging days The collection that follows the adventures of Carl’s faithful companion and sweet dog, but in the end the studio decided to wait and bring the story to the big screen with racist.

For his part, the upcoming feature film stars Lea Lewis, Mamodu Athie, Kathryn O’Hara, Wendy McClendon-Covey, Ronnie Del Carmen and Matthew Yang King. The film is directed by Peter Sohn, who has a long history of working with Pixar as a director, animator, and even as an actor on other projects such as The good dinosaurAnd The IncrediblesAnd ratatouilleAnd Light yearAnd Toy Story among many others.

Here’s the official synopsis and trailer for racist:

“The film follows an unlikely pair, Ember and Wade, in a city where the denizens of fire, water, earth and air live together. The fiery young woman and the embittered man are about to discover something fundamental: how much they have in common.”

racist Debuts in theaters on June 23.


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